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The Rise of On-Demand Fitness

With the on-demand fitness world set to grow by £4bn in the next few years, we take a look at what's popular right now

15 Minute Read

Popular Fitness Classes and Concepts

Crazes and fads come and go, but what are some of the classes that have stood the test of time?

8 Minute Read

Success Stories: Louise Jordan

HFE graduate and creator of BOOSTfit, Louise Jordan tells us her story

5 Minute Read

Cruise to Work in the Fitness Industry

We explore the various cruise ship opportunities available for fitness professionals looking to work around the world

3 Minute Read

Setting Up Your Own Fitness Retreat

From finding a great location to crafting the best experience possible, we explore setting up your own retreat

6 Minute Read

Success Stories: Mikala Tolley

We caught up with one of our most experienced graduates to learn more about her fitness journey

9 Minute Read

Developing a Leading Workout on Water

We talk to the founder and creator of AquaPhysical, Leila Francis Coleman

4 Minute Read

HFE and FitPro

We're proud to announce that we've partnered with industry leaders FitPro.

2 Minute Read

YogaFit: How to Run a Successful Fitness Retreat

We talk to Antonia Johnston about what it takes to create and a run a successful fitness retreat

4 Minute Read

Kardy Laguda’s Top Tips for ETM Instructors

International choreographer and instructor Kardy Laguda shares his best advice

6 Minute Read

CIMSPA’s Plans for the Fitness Industry

CEO Tara Dillon discusses upcoming changes to the fitness industry and providing an alternative to REPs

9 Minute Read

Success Stories: Freedom in the Fitness Industry

HFE graduate Helen Grayston reveals how her qualifications have created opportunities in fitness

5 Minute Read

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