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Interviewing YouTube’s Girl With a Pilates Mat

Rachel Lawrence is a Pilates teacher – certified by BASI Pilates – and YouTuber, with close to 100,000 subscribers on...

12 Minute Read

The Rise of On-Demand Fitness

With the on-demand fitness world set to grow by £4bn in the next few years, we take a look at what's popular right now

15 Minute Read

Pilates Exercises to Improve Balance and Flexibility

Try these five Pilates exercises to improve your balance and flexibility

6 Minute Read

Popular Fitness Classes and Concepts

Crazes and fads come and go, but what are some of the classes that have stood the test of time?

8 Minute Read

Success Stories: Aneliese Foxwell

Yoga and Pilates graduate Aneliese talks about her journey into the fitness industry and setting up her own studio

6 Minute Read

A Guide to Reformer Pilates

This guide explores the differences and similarities between mat-based and reformer Pilates

8 Minute Read

Success Stories: Mariella Murray

Pilates graduate Mariella Murray discusses why it's never too late to change careers and how she plans to help others

4 Minute Read

Pilates or Yoga?

We recently conducted a survey to find out whether people prefer yoga or Pilates, discover what they said...

3 Minute Read

Cruise to Work in the Fitness Industry

We explore the various cruise ship opportunities available for fitness professionals looking to work around the world

3 Minute Read

Success Stories: Lucy Mapp

Pilates and personal training graduate Lucy Mapp talks triathlons, taking risks, and following your dreams

15 Minute Read

Setting Up Your Own Fitness Retreat

From finding a great location to crafting the best experience possible, we explore setting up your own retreat

6 Minute Read

A Guide to Pilates Equipment

From the reformer to the Cadillac, we explore the most popular pieces of Pilates equipment

9 Minute Read

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