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Sports Massage for Common Injuries and Conditions

We dive into how sports massage can help treat runner's knee, plantar fasciitis and carpal tunnel

6 Minute Read

Setting Up Your Own Fitness Retreat

From finding a great location to crafting the best experience possible, we explore setting up your own retreat

6 Minute Read

Massage Therapy and Inflammation

Using the latest research, we explore whether massage therapy cause reduce inflammation

7 Minute Read

Sports Massage for Tennis Elbow

With tennis elbow affecting around 19% of 30-60 year olds, we explore how sports massage can help

7 Minute Read

What Sets Sports Massage Apart?

We explore the differences between sports and other forms of massage

5 Minute Read

How to Lead the Way in Sports Massage Therapy

Founder of SB Massage, Sally Barker reveals what it takes to be successful in sports massage

6 Minute Read

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