Why are HFE courses cheaper than others?

Here at Health and Fitness Education we pride ourselves on our ability to be able to fuse affordability with quality. All of our qualifications are specifically designed with value in mind, which is why most of our courses are priced much less than many of our competitors. While our courses might be lower in price, they are certainly not lower in quality.

Affordability is at the heart of our mission statement and so we wouldn’t be being true to ourselves if we didn’t do everything we could to keep the cost of our courses as low as we possibly can.

There are many areas of our business that we make significant savings and so we are able to pass these on to you. For example, our sophisticated online learning platform automates many of our back end systems so we don’t have to pay as many staff to perform these tasks, particularly the marking.
While there may be fewer administrative staff, we certainly don’t compromise on support staff; we’re dedicated to ensuring you have all of the help and support you need.

We also drive a hard bargain when it comes to securing training venues; the volume of our usage means that we can negotiate a lower daily rental and so once again we can pass this saving on to you.

Finally, the blended nature of our courses reduces the volume of face-to-face contact time that is required in many cases; this again helps to keep the cost of delivering the training down.

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