Malpractice Policy

HFE defines malpractice as “any attempt by a student to obtain an unfair advantage during an assessment”. Furthermore this definition extends to the conduct of staff when “a member of staff provides a student with an unfair advantage within an assessment”.

This policy is regarded by HFE as one of its most important and serious of matters because malpractice on any level, can compromise the professional credibility of the company and the qualifications/awarding body.

Because incidents of malpractice have the potential to place at risk the company’s centre approval status and reputation with awarding bodies, incidents of malpractice will not be tolerated in any capacity.

Examples of Malpractice include:

  • Cheating in exams
  • Plagiarism
  • Collusion in coursework
  • Fabrication and falsification
  • Impersonation

What We Will do to Prevent Malpractice

All learners will be verbally informed of the assessment requirements including any conditions or restrictions of the assessment before the assessment commences.

In the case of theory assessments or invigilated worksheets, each learner shall be provided with a copy of the ‘candidate guidelines’ from the awarding body, which clearly sets the boundaries for acceptable and unacceptable conduct.

All learners must sign and date authenticity statements/declarations on all written evidence submitted to confirm that it is entirely their own work.

In cases where learners are proven to have engaged in instances of malpractice, their assessment will be discarded and any outcome or achievement revoked.

The company reserves the right to refuse to provide any additional training or service to learners who are found to be guilty of malpractice.

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