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Review the following 3-step process in order to get your written work published to a high-quality website.

Step 1- Check Your Personal Eligibility

In order to be eligible to participate in this process, you must ensure that you:

  • possess the recognised academic or vocational qualifications in the area you wish to write
  • have the ability to write in a structured and coherent manner

Step 2- Select Your Topic and Write Your Article

Please ensure that you consider our qualifying criteria below when producing your article:

  • The article is objective and without commercial bias
  • Is written in the 3rd person, without reference to yourself or your ‘personal’ opinions; it must be evidence-based
  • Includes content that is of GENUINE value to the reader
  • Is wholly UNIQUE and has not been plagiarised from any other source, and does not appear on any other website Is technically accurate and free from ambiguity
  • Is between 450-700 words

Step 3- Submit Your Article for Review

Once you are happy that your article meets the above criteria, you will then be able to submit it to our editorial team for review. In the first instance, please contact our office to obtain the email address of your appointed reviewer/editor- this will largely be determined by the subject/content of your article.

Following your submission, we will notify you by way of email if your submission has been approved or rejected. For more information on this process, please feel free to contact us to discuss how you can launch your career as a fitness copywriter.

To apply for any of the our writing positions, please upload a CV and covering letter to our jobs portal for the respective position. You will find this at jobs.hfe.co.uk

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