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New Exercise to Music DVD Launch

Posted on February 6th, 2013

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We are delighted to announce the release of the new Level 2 Exercise to Music instructional video to compliment the delivery of the distance learning and 4 day practical training days.

Produced in conjunction with Pure Energy Music, we are confident that this resource will prove to be a storming success for our current and future students working towards this qualification.

The instructional video, which is divided into warm-up, main component and cool-down sections provides learners with a practical reference of how to effectively work to the beat and phrase of the music, how to cue effectively and how to build on choreography to increase the exercise intensity. It also provides a sample of a wide-range of choreography to better help students working towards their exercise to music qualification master the art and science of choreographing classes.

We’ve specifically produced and tailored this video to meet the needs of students studying towards a blended learning qualification with HFE. As you might expect, it supports the contents of the exercise to music training manuals, e-learning and music CD’s students receive when they enroll.

In production, we deliberated quite a lot about how the video should, look, sound and feel, and whether or not we should edit every minor flaw, or whether to leave these in to provide a realistic account of what a live session would be like. In the end we took the decision not to hyper-edit the video so that students working towards their qualification can see that the occasional slip of the tongue is permissible, and to some extent inevitable!

If you want to join Vince in a sneak preview of the video, feel free to watch the sample provided below.

Coming Soon- Exercise to Music Interactive E-learning. This fantastic resource will compliment the existing Anatomy and Physiology E-learning products and provides students with a more detailed guidance and instruction of how to breakdown music effectively, and how to better use this to teach group exercise to music classes.