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Gym Instructor Videos- Coming Soon

Posted on March 18th, 2013

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Level 2 Gym Instructor Videos- Coming Soon

We are extremely excited to announce the release of the new Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instruction DVD to support learners undertaking this qualification. The footage has already been filmed and is currently being edited before its release in early May 2013. It is anticipated that this resource will further help students in their distance learning and in their preparation for the practical assessment.

The quality of the footage captured is exceptional and may therefore in the future also make it possible for learners to fast track their achievement by attending an ‘assessment only’ training course. The details of this option are yet to be finalised so watch this space for more information.

In order to ensure that the best sound quality could be achieved, and to prevent members of the public being unnecessarily captured in the background, the video was shot throughout the night when the gym was closed. As you can clearly see from our instructors, this was an exhausting task to say the least!

An extensive range of exercises have been filmed to give future HFE students a true flavour for how these techniques should be taught during assessment and while working in a live gym environment. Students undertaking this qualification post May 2013 will be able to access video demonstrations within the HFE Learner Management System (LMS) from the moment they enrol, making pre-course preparation much easier. The videos will also compliment the lesson plan and practical assessment processes.

The exercises captured in this video include:

Cardiovascular Exercises

Treadmill, upright cycle, recumbent cycle, stepper, cross trainer and rower.

Resistance Machines

Leg press, chest press, lat-pull-down, shoulder press, arm curl, tricep press, tricep pushdown, cable curls, seated row, low-pulley seated row, seated leg extension, seated leg curl, assisted chin-ups, calf raises.

Free Weights

Deadlift, upright row, spotting, safe lift and pass, barbell curl, lying tricep extension, single arm row, lateral raises, seated dumbbell shoulder press, dumbbell chest press, bench press, lunge, squat, flyes, front raises.

The video also includes a wide-range of pre and post-exercise stretch techniques.