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We’re Changing Our Terms

Posted on August 30th, 2013

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We thought you’d like to know that we’re making some slight changes to our Terms of Business to ensure that they are as clear and transparent as they possibly can be. We are committed to ensuring that all of our customers are aware of these Terms and their implications before booking, so it’s only right that we let you know about these changes before they take effect.

In the past some customers have found Section 7 of these Terms (Cancellations and Transfers) particularly difficult to interpret and so we’ve made a few tweaks to simplify these.  In the amended Terms there are now fewer Clauses surrounding how and when customers can cancel or transfer their training courses, and so we’re confident that most customers will welcome these changes. In many places, the newer Terms are more favourable to customers.

We’ve also made some changes to ensure that we are still compliant with all aspects of the law, particularly the Distance Selling Regulations Act (2000). Because our courses are purchased remotely by most customers, whether this is over the phone or on our website, we need to ensure that we have in place the appropriate safeguards for both parties.

All HFE bookings are still backed by our 7 day money back guarantee!

We’re still one of the few fitness industry training providers to offer a 7 day no quibble money back guarantee to customers who are not completely satisfied with our products and services. You’ll be pleased to know that we haven’t made any changes to the “Cooling Off Period” and so this aspect of our terms remains unaffected. All HFE bookings are still backed by our 7 day money back guarantee!

The amended Terms will become effective on all bookings made on or after 1st September 2013 and won’t apply to customers who booked their courses before this date. The changes are relatively minor and are unlikely to affect 99% of customers.