About Us

We’re one of the UKs leading training providers to the health and fitness sector.  All of our programmes are certificated by specialist fitness industry awarding organisations (YMCA Awards and Active IQ) and are fully backed by the Register of Exercise Professional (REPs).

We have a reputation for excellence and employers trust the HFE brand because they know what we stand for. They know that our graduates are equipped with a level of knowledge, skill and competence that exceeds the industry standard.  

Our People

Our people are some of the most talented and experienced professionals in the fitness industry and as a business we recognise that without them we would be nothing.  

While all of our people are unique and special in their own way, they also share a set of common characteristics, traits and values when it comes to their work. They are absolutely committed to delivering excellence to our customers and they each exude professionalism in the true sense of the word.

We understand that in order to be the best, we must employ the best – our customers deserve nothing less!

Our Courses

Our courses are truly world class! This is a bold statement which is not made on speculation – it’s what our customers say. You only need to read the vast number of customer reviews populated throughout this website to conclude that we really are different.

Our number one goal has always been to deliver more value and service than is expected – this is what drives us each and every day.

Our courses are not just about getting a qualification – it’s much more than this! HFE courses facilitate growth – they enable our students to develop more knowledge, more skills, more expertise. Our courses are a vehicle that empowers our customers to become more!

Our Mission:

“We seek to raise the standard of fitness professional throughout the UK by enriching each learner with knowledge, skills and confidence in their abilities. By making our education programmes more inclusive, relevant and accessible, we’re able to create real and measurable opportunities for our customers.”

Legal Stuff:

  • Health and Fitness Education is a Company Incorporated in England and Wales -Company Registration Number: 619 3462
  • VAT Registration Number: 988 302486
  • HFE is a Registered Trademark of Health and Fitness Education Limited and is protected internationally by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) – Registration Number 2607561.

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