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Align your Pilates career with the highest standards with our range of Pilates CPD courses and workshops.

Woman completing a toe touch standing Pilates exercise
Woman completing toe touch standing Pilates exercise

Pilates professional development courses

Continuing professional development, or CPD as it is more widely known, is an important feature of profession, but is especially important for Pilates teachers and instructors. Pilates teachers need to ensure that their knowledge and skills are continually sharp and up to date.

The very nature of Pilates and the many therapeutic benefits that it offers means that a wide-range of mixed ability participants are attracted to Pilates classes and sessions, many of whom have special and complex needs. Pilates teachers need a rich and diverse knowledge of how to adapt their sessions safely and effectively to meet these needs, which is why regular and ongoing CPD is so important.

We have an expert team of Pilates educators that are at the forefront of the industry and what knowledge and skills Pilates professionals need to have to ensure that they can deliver the best and most inclusive Pilates classes and sessions. Our team work tirelessly to ensure that we have a range of ‘fit for purpose’ CPD opportunities for Pilates professionals, and most of these are featured on this page.

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Individual Pilates CPD courses and workshops

Featured below are a range of our Pilates CPD courses and workshops. These programmes have been expertly designed by our team of Pilates master trainers with your success in mind. These Pilates CPD courses will help you to differentiate your skills from other teachers, allowing you and your clients to reach new heights.

Level 3 Award in Teaching Reformer Pilates

Level 3 Award in Teaching Reformer Pilates

Reform your career and expand your possibilities by learning how to master the Pilates reformer. Our Level 3 reformer Pilates teacher training course will help you take your teaching career to the next level, allowing you to deliver reformer Pilates sessions in any health club or Pilates studio.

Level 3 Award in Pilates Small Equipment

Level 3 Award in Pilates Small Equipment

Take your matwork Pilates career to new heights with our online Pilates small equipment course.. Join our Master Pilates Teacher and Chartered Physiotherapist, Lorna, as she guides you through all you need to know about small equipment and how to use it to individualise your Pilates teaching.

Level 3 Award in Standing Pilates Exercises

Level 3 Award in Standing Pilates Exercises

Standing Pilates has many applications, including for disabled clients, those with back pain, or older adults struggling to get on to a mat. Discover how to apply the principles of matwork Pilates to standing, making your classes and one-to-one sessions even more inclusive and functional.

Pilates for Pre and Postnatal Clients

Pilates for Pre and Postnatal Clients

Pilates is extremely popular with pregnant women and those who have recently given birth. Enrich yourself with the knowledge and skills to be able to deliver safe, effective and functional Pilates sessions to new and expectant mums with our specialist Pilates for pre and postnatal clients course.

Level 3 Award in Pilates for Older Adults

Level 3 Award in Pilates for Older Adults

People are living longer than ever before and older adults represent a rapidly growing part of the UK population. Equip yourself with the knowledge, skills and confidence to better adapt your Pilates sessions for older adults, making them safer, more effective and more inclusive for this special populations group.

Level 4 Advanced Matwork Pilates Teacher

Level 4 Advanced Matwork Pilates Teacher

Take your matwork teaching to new heights with our advanced matwork Pilates course. Understand common movement impairment syndromes, dysfunction and common sources of pain, including how to use Pilates to help clients overcome these.

One Pilates career, endless possibilities

After their studies, many of our Pilates graduates go on to work with leading health and fitness operators, including many of those featured below. Additionally, many are also now employed by a number of smaller and more boutique Pilates studios. Some have even started their own Pilates businesses and classes.

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Support without limits

A staple feature of all of our Pilates courses is the unlimited support provided by our fantastic and friendly team of Learning Support Tutors. These tutors will be on hand to help you during your Pilates CPD course. Whether it’s a quick question about the course content, or you need some friendly career advice, our support tutors will always be happy to help out. Typically, we provide support to Pilates students via:

  • Phone calls

  • Video calls

  • Emails

  • Webinars

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Types of Pilates CPD courses

Where our Pilates provision is concerned, we're committed to continuous development and improvement, creating new and exciting programmes all the time to help our students increase the knowledge, skills and influence within the sector.

Online on-demandLive Virtual Attended in-person

Online on-demand

Our online and on-demand Pilates CPD courses offer the greatest flexibility for remote learning. With these courses, students undertake online theory and practical learning that is embedded into a seamless and easy to follow online course.

The course content will normally include eLearning, online presentations, and a series of practical workshops presented by one of our Master Pilates Teachers. There are usually a range of online knowledge assessments designed to assess your learning as you progress, as well as skills-based assessments to ensure that you are also developing the practical awareness and application of what has been taught.

Most of these courses can be completed on any web-based device, although for the best user experience, we recommend using a tablet or laptop. It is however possible to complete all your course content on a mobile phone.

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Live virtual

Our live virtual Pilates CPD courses are highly flexible and allow you to attend a live and interactive Pilates CPD course or a Pilates teacher training course remotely.

With our live virtual courses, you will select the dates that you want to attend when you enrol, then the week before your course is due to attend we’ll send you the login details for the event.

On your virtual training days, you’ll participate in a range of theory and practical workshops that are designed to broaden your knowledge and deepen your understanding of the specific subject area.

Like our other Pilates CPD programmes, our live virtual events are also presented by our Master Pilates teachers. With the virtual courses Pilates courses, if there are practical assessments, these are normally assessed using a video assessment. In this scenario, you record yourself delivering your session and submit this to us for grading.

virtual Pilates course screen

There’s no substitute for a face-to-face meeting which is why our attended in-person Pilates CPD courses give us the greatest satisfaction. We love to meet our students in-person on course; while we understand this isn’t always possible, it’s certainly where we do our best work.

With our attended courses, you’ll be required to attend one of our regional training venues across the UK for the duration of the programme. Our Pilates CPD courses do tend to be a little shorter than our full Pilates teacher training courses, but attendance requirements do vary from course-to-course.

Most of the venues we use for our in-person Pilates programmes are premium health clubs, leisure facilities or Pilates studios, and many of these facilities actively recruit our graduates also via CV Connect.

attended CPD courses

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