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Discover the range of learning resources we have available here at HFE.

HFE tutor with client in gym
HFE tutor with client in gym

Quality Materials. As Standard.

Here at HFE, we invest a great deal of time, energy and passion into developing our own suite of bespoke learning materials to support the delivery of our training courses and qualifications.

Our team of expert fitness educators and clinicians, including medical doctors, dieticians, physiotherapists and other medical professionals have worked tirelessly to create a range of evidence-based learning materials you can trust.

The following range of learning resources are provided by way of examples of the wide range of quality materials that you can expect to receive with when you study with us. The range of resources are by no means exhaustive, and are just a taste of what you can expect to receive.

  • Sample Training Manuals

    Most programmes include both print and digital copies of our training manuals. Our manuals are printed in full colour and the samples we've provided are designed to give you a snapshot of the quality of our resources.

  • Mock Theory Assessments

    Some of our regulated qualifications include theory exams and we provide an extensive range of practice tests in our Learner Engagement System (LES). The mock exam samples we've provided on this page are designed to support students completing similar qualifications with other providers and who may want to use these to help them prepare. Our students get more of these in their online account.

  • Sample Lecture Videos

    Most of our regulated qualifications include comprehensive lecture videos that teach to our students a wide range of technical subjects related to their course These lecture videos create a real classroom-like style learning and support the content in the student manuals, allowing students to totally immerse themselves into their studies.

  • Health and Fitness Assessments

    To support students wanting to undertake fitness assessments with their clients, we've provided an additional resource in the form of our Health and Fitness Appraisal (HFE) programme. Full guidance is provided in the supporting guides, but the HFE programme basically serves as a health and fitness appraisal programme that provides a holistic health score based on a wide range of wellness and fitness indicators.

Training Manuals

To view a sample of our range of training manuals, simply follow the button below and select the manuals that you’re interested in seeing.

Print copies are issued as standard with most of our regulated qualifications as standard. There’s certainly no extra cost for printing or posting. The feedback that we receive from our students speaks volumes, with most stating clearly that they would much prefer to receive a physical manual than a digital PDF.

We also supply digital copies of our training manuals via the HFE app. On enrolment, we’ll provide you with login details so you can take your manuals with you wherever you go…

PT career guide booklet
HFE theory test on iMac screen

Mock Theory Exams

Some of our training courses and qualifications include mock theory exams to assess knowledge, understanding, and application of key learning elements to the practical work environment.

The specific content, pass mark and structure of these exams do vary depending on the awarding organisation and the qualification in question. However, the range of sample mock exams we’ve supplied on the page below are intended to give you a realistic flavour of these assessments when you get to the end of your studies.

Most of our live exams can be completed at our training venues or online using a secure proctoring solution to ensure that the assessment standards are upheld. We hope you find them useful… good luck.

Sample Lecture Videos

Our online and on-demand lecture videos are embedded into our online courses to provide our students with a comprehensive classroom style learning experience.

Most of our online lectures are delivered by leading clinical experts that are able to provide a world-class learning and development experience.

These lecture videos personify the quality standard that has become synonymous with the HFE brand, and we’re so confident in their value, we’re happy to give you a taste of them for free on the following page.

Dr Stuart Porter leading Low Back Pain lecture on iPhone screen

Health and Fitness Appraisal

Our Health and Fitness Appraisal (HFA) solution uses a range of validated health and fitness assessments to provide a holistic score of an individual’s health and fitness status.

Each of the assessments included in the HFA solution focuses on a different aspect of health, fitness or wellness, attributing a score to that element depending on how well or not the individual scores in that area.

At the end, the HFA programme will provide an overall score based on how well rounded a person’s health, fitness and physical activity is. More detailed guidance on each of the elements is also provided.

Practical training on mackbook mockup

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