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Range of different foods spread out on table
Range of different foods spread out on table

Sport and exercise nutrition courses and qualifications

With content written and delivered by some of the health and fitness industry’s brightest experts, including sports nutritionists and registered dietitians, we've created the industry's most comprehensive and advanced exercise and nutrition courses and qualifications.

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Leading the pack

Our range of specialist nutrition courses and qualifications are packed with heaps of evidence-based information, learning content and practical advice to empower you to forge a successful career as a nutrition coach. Our courses go beyond industry standards to ensure that you receive the highest level of training, maximising your future potential for success.

  • Global recognition

    Our nutrition courses are awarded and endorsed by leading awarding organisations, like YMCA Awards, ensuring that your hard work and achievements are recognised.

  • Cutting-edge content

    All our nutrition programmes are developed and presented by leading sport and exercise nutrition professionals, including sports dieticians and nutritionists.

  • Unlimited opportunities

    With such a diverse range of nutrition courses available, there are so many opportunities to expand and deepen your knowledge and skills as a nutrition coach.

  • Outstanding support

    Our 5-star support team is consistently rated as ‘excellent’ by our graduates. Whenever you need a little expert advice or guidance, we’ll be here for you.

Flexible learning opportunities

Our range of nutrition courses and qualifications are amongst the most flexible programmes in the fitness industry. All of our courses can be completed remotely, typically with a combination of online learning, training manuals and supported home study. We have courses that can be completed alongside even the busiest of schedules.

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Leading nutrition content

Our nutrition courses are developed and delivered by nutrition experts, including doctors, dieticians and Registered Nutritionists to give you complete confidence.

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Comprehensive nutrition materials

Our nutrition courses are supported by a range of print, electronic and video learning content to give you the most comprehensive learning experience.

Our sport, exercise and nutrition courses

In sport and exercise, nutrition is key for optimum performance and recovery. After all, you can’t outrun a poor diet. With our range of nutrition courses and qualifications, you’ll discover evidence-based strategies that will help you and your clients to take their health and fitness to the next level.

Nutrition and physical activity

Level 3 Nutrition to Support Physical Activity

Give yourself the knowledge and skills to provide general nutrition advice and guidance for physically active clients looking to improve their health, fitness and wellbeing.

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Level 4 Sport and Exercise Nutrition Coach

If you want to work with athletes or exercisers that are serious about getting results, check out the Level 4 Nutrition to Support Sport and Exercise Performance, which is a HFE exclusive programme.

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Level 3 Understanding Eating Disorders in Sport and Exercise

Equip yourself with the knowledge, awareness and empathy to recognise, understand and support clients with eating disorders, including being able to confidently signpost them to professional help. This course adds invaluable knowledge to enrich your role as a teacher in sport and exercise settings.

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Level 3 Nutrition Supplements for Sport and Exercise Performance

Get the evidence-based knowledge and understanding about how nutritional supplements can support sport and exercise performance. Learn to recognise fact from fiction, so that you can more effectively use supplements to deliver optimal training results.

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Level 3 Optimum Nutrition for Pre and Postnatal Clients

If you're an exercise professional planning on working with pre and postnatal women, having the knowledge to support good nutrition and a healthy diet so that both mother and baby thrive is essential. This HFE exclusive online programme will supply all of this and more.

overweight children playing

Level 3 Understanding Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is a national health emergency and like many developed countries, the UK is on the brink of crisis with regards to bringing this under control. Be in the know and discover the proven, evidence-backed strategies that can help children and adolescents to achieve sustainable weight loss.

Here when you need us

When you choose to study with HFE, you’ll can be confident that you’ll be supported by a team of enthusiastic, passionate and experienced Support Tutors. If you need some extra help with a particular subject, or you need guidance on how to prepare for an assessment, our friendly tutors will be here when you need them. Typically, we provide support to learners completing our qualifications via:

  • Phone

  • Email

  • Video call

  • Webinar

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Nutrition extras and exclusives

Completing a nutrition course or qualification with us the door to a range of additional features, services and opportunities that are exclusive to HFE. Some of these include…

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CV Connect

When your training is over and your course is complete, you’ll get 6-weeks FREE access to our flagship CV Connect programme where you can forge real employment opportunities for yourself.

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Offers and discounts

At the end of your course, we’ll also provide you with access to hundreds of exclusive offers and discounts from some of the industry’s leading fitness brands, saving you time and money.

Expertly delivered

What you get from your training and education is not nearly as important as 'who' and 'what' you become in the learning and discovery process. Our nutrition courses are written and developed by leading clinical, exercise and education specialists to ensure that you develop all the requisite knowledge and skills as a nutrition coach.

  • Expert content

    Our nutrition courses and qualifications are developed by a multi-disciplinary team of exercise and nutrition professionals, ensuring you get the best nutrition education on the market.

  • Intuitive materials

    Our learning materials come with a range of intuitive and easy-to-use materials to ensure that you have the best opportunity to master the most complex subjects. This includes, print and digital books, eLearning, online videos and much more.

  • Professionally recognised

    Our range of nutrition courses and qualifications are endorsed and certificated by YMCA Awards, the health and fitness industry’s original and most recognised awarding organisation. This ensures your achievements are recognised around the world as a mark of quality.

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*Images and videos are for illustration purposes and may not depict specific course materials.

Reputation is everything

Delivering an outstanding level of customer service is central to our vision and purpose. We pride ourselves on the quality of feedback and the reviews that we receive from graduates of our courses. Over our 15+ years of business, we’ve trained more than 40,000 exercise professionals, and we’ve even met a few famous faces along the way.

Read it for yourself

If you’re interested in seeing what graduates of our courses and qualifications have to say, you can click the button below.

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james crossley hunter

"HFE is the ultimate fitness training provider. Without a doubt their personal training courses are the best in the industry."

James Crossley

(Hunter from Gladiators)
HFE yoga graduate Laura Massaro during squash match

"The course has really helped me to better understand yoga so that I can improve my performance and remain World No. 1."

Laura Massaro

(Former World #1 Squash Player)
HFE graduate Holly Bradshaw holding GB flag at Olympics

"HFE have been fantastic and have produced some of the best materials I've seen in the fitness industry."

Holly Bradshaw

(Team GB Olympic Bronze Medalist Pole Vaulter, 2020 Olympic Games)
HFE student Louise Fiddes holding gold medal

"HFE were understanding and the course is really flexible. I knew this would be perfect for me."

Louise Fiddes

(GB Paralympic Swimmer World Champion )
Antonia Johnston yoga

"I did my ETM and yoga teacher training with HFE and thoroughly enjoyed both... I highly recommend them."

Antonia Johnston

(Co-Founder of YogaFit Retreats)
Kardy Laguda, renowned exercise to music instructor

"I've seen a lot of providers in my career and HFE are by far the most professional and committed provider I've seen."

Kardy Laguda

(International Fitness Presenter)

Frequently asked nutrition questions

Featured below are some of the more common questions our team are asked about our nutrition courses and qualifications. However, if you don’t find the information that you’re looking for, then feel free to reach out to our Careers Team who will be more than happy to assist you.

  • How do I become a nutritionist?

    The purpose of our nutrition courses and qualifications is to enhance your knowledge of nutritional and dietary guidelines and best practices. By completing our courses, you’ll be able to offer nutritional advice alongside your existing services as a fitness professional (for example as a personal trainer, Pilates teacher, yoga teacher or GP referral specialist) or operate solely as a nutrition coach.

    With regards to the qualifications themselves, the entry-level course is Level 3 Nutrition to Support Physical Activity. We also have two Level 4 programmes available: Level 4 Sports Nutrition and Level 4 Obesity and Diabetes. Finally, there’s CPD related to eating disorders, supplements and a host of other nutrition courses if you’re looking to specialise.

    Each of our nutrition courses can be completed on a standalone basis, alternatively, they can also be combined to form a comprehensive career package. This is the perfect option if you’re looking to make diet and nutrition a core part of the services you offer to clients.

    If you’re interested in further exploring the world of nutrition and the career path of a nutritionist, we’ve created a comprehensive range of nutrition career articles and guides for you to read.

    The terms nutritionist and dietician do have very specific meanings and the Association for Nutrition (AfN) and the British Dietetic Association (BDA) have clear role descriptors and definitions of these. Unless you have post-graduate qualifications in these fields, it’s best to avoid using these terms.

  • What learning resources are available?

    From the very moment you enrol onto any of our nutrition courses and qualifications, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Learner Support Tutor. They are on hand Monday – Friday via phone and email to guide your learning, assist with revision and provide invaluable career advice as you embark on your journey to become a fully qualified nutritionist.

    In conjunction with tutor support, you’ll receive instant access to LES, our student portal. It’s here you’ll find a wealth of resources at your fingertips including mock quizzes to test your knowledge, workbooks and hours of video lectures presented by the industry’s leading sports nutritionists and dietitians.

    Each of our nutrition programmes is slightly different from the next and so it’s always best to check on the individual course page with regards to exactly what materials are available. Some of our courses are entirely eLearning, others have eLearning, manuals (print and digital) and online lecture videos. It really does depend on the course in question and the level and complexity of the subject.

  • Do you offer guaranteed interviews?

    This is one of our most frequently asked questions and unfortunately (but perhaps, fortunately) the practice of offering guaranteed interviews and jobs isn’t something we’re involved in.

    If you’re looking to launch a career as a nutrition coach or further incorporate nutrition into the services you currently offer clients, we firmly believe you should be able to choose your own destiny, as it were.

    Instead of boxing you in, we want you to have as much choice as possible and that’s why we’ve created CV Connect. This exclusive and innovative system has been built from the ground for HFE graduates. From the moment you complete any of our nutrition courses and qualifications, you’ll gain access to CV Connect through LES, Learner Engagement System. From here, it’s just a matter of uploading your freshly polished CV, selecting employers in your area and submitting your details directly. If someone at the other end likes what they see, they’ll be in touch.

    It really is that straightforward and simple and it’s a direct path to thousands of employment opportunities.

  • Can I complete your nutrition courses online?

    Absolutely. One of the most appealing things about nutrition courses, qualifications and CPD programmes is that they can be completed entirely online, from the comfort of your home. All you’ll need is an internet-connected device and a quiet place to study.

    For applicable courses with theory exams, such as Level 3 Nutrition to Support Physical Activity, these are taken online invigilated by an online proctor. Using your laptop, MacBook or desktop PC’s microphone and webcam, you’ll be monitored very much in the same way as you would if you were sitting the exam in person. One of the biggest benefits is that can choose the time and day you’ll sit the exam and you’ll also get instant access to your provisional result.

    Any workbooks, case studies or other assessments can be completed via LES, the Learner Engagement System, and you’ll have 24/7 access to this bespoke and innovative student portal.

  • What are my payment options?

    Our pricing model is open and honest and we have a couple of ways that you can pay for your nutrition courses and qualifications. This way, you get the maximum amount of choice.

    If you’re in a position to pay for everything upfront and get it all sorted in one go, we can offer you a 5% discount on any of our nutrition courses and career packages.

    Spreading the cost of your courses is also an option and we offer 6 and 12-month, 0% interest payment plans.

  • How long will it take to get qualified?

    This naturally depends on which nutrition courses or career packages you’re doing. If we take something like the Level 3 Nutrition to Support Physical Activity course, this can be completed in as little as 2-4 weeks. Something more advanced like the Level 4 Obesity and Diabetes Certificate can take 10-12 weeks to qualify.

    With each and every one of our nutrition courses, we provide comprehensive study guides to help you structure your learning. Alongside regular contact with your support tutor, we’ll ensure that you’re on track at every stage of your journey.

    What matters most at the end of the day is not how quickly you complete your nutrition qualification, but how much energy and commitment you apply to your studies.

Nutrition articles and career guides

As an exercise or fitness professional, it's imperative that you are clear with your clients about your professional role, boundaries, and scope of practice. There's no shortage of conflicting information on the internet, so take a look at our range of nutrition-based career articles and guides to ensure that you stay informed of the facts.

As a nutrition coach, it’s imperative that the information you share with your clients is accurate, with the times, and is within your professional scope of practice and qualifications. With the amount of misinformation online nowadays, knowing who you can trust can be difficult.

As a leader in the health, fitness, physical activity, and wellbeing sector, we specialise in producing evidence-based nutrition content, both as part of our nutrition courses and qualifications, but also in our free online articles.

Our team of nutrition experts have a reputation for success in their respective fields. Take a look at our range of in-depth nutrition articles and career guides to keep your nutrition knowledge and skills up to date.

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