ETM strength class
ETM strength class

Level 2 Studio Strength Instructor

Give your career as a group exercise professional a lift with our studio strength instructor programme.

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Level 2 Studio Strength Instructor


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  • Course type

    Blended learning

  • Time to qualify

    2-4 weeks

  • Entry requirements

    See entry requirements

  • Accreditations

    YMCA Approved Logo HFE's fitness courses and qualifications are endorsed by CIMSPA

Give Your Career a Lift.

Give your career as a group exercise professional a lift with our studio strength instructor programme and join thousands of graduates working with some of the world's leading gyms and health clubs.

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Level 2 Studio Strength Instructor

Discover how to escape the world of pre-choreographed routines and licence fees with this professional studio resistance instructor qualification.


Studio-based resistance training is an extremely popular feature of group exercise timetables around the world and this has been the case for over 20 years. With pre-choreographed programmes, like Les Mill’s Body Pump taking the lion’s share, discover how to create your own freestyle studio resistance training programmes with our engaging and inspiring Studio Strength Instructor course.

A number of high-profile multi-site health and fitness operators have started to migrate away from the licensed studio programmes because of the hefty fees that they carry. With freestyle formats like our Studio Strength Instructor programme, you can deliver your own studio-based resistance training programmes at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, you’ll also have complete control over your music, choreography and exercises, giving you the freedom to tailor the programme to meet a wider range of participant needs.

Whether you plan on delivering your programme in a studio, on a beach, or virtually via a live stream, you’ll have the confidence and competence to deliver safe and effective group resistance workouts after completing our instructor training.

Course Structure:

Icon used to represent practical training

Practical workshops

E-learning icon representing e-learning

Online workbooks

Online learning

Video assessment

This programme has been created specifically for the corporate market and as such, we only run Studio Strength courses for corporate clients. This is why there are no specific dates or venues advertised. If you would like to run a course for your team, or you’d like to join an existing course, speak with our Careers Team today to find out how we can help you take your studio career to the next level.

Entry Requirements

To complete this programme, you will need to hold an industry-recognised fitness instructor qualification (either gym instructor or exercise to music). This is because this programme is not designed to assess your knowledge and understanding of anatomy, physiology, principles of training and other fundamental instructor subjects. It's assumed that students already have this knowledge before enrolling which is why these qualifications are an entry requirement.

What You'll Learn How You'll be Assessed Learning and Support Materials

What You'll Learn

Studio strength instructors are passionate and charismatic exercise professionals that can deliver lively and energetic resistance training sessions that are choreographed to the beat and phrase of the music.

Our Studio Strength Instructor course will teach you all you need to know to succeed as a studio-based resistance training instructor, including:

  • Musicality Skills

    Musicality Skills

    • Selecting the right music
    • Working to the beat and phrase
    • Different choreography formats
    • Music licensing and legalities
    • Using music for motivation
    • Music speed and exercise intensity
  • Studio Strength Training Exercises

    Studio Strength Training Exercises

    • Chest and shoulder exercises
    • Back and trapezius exercises
    • Squatting, lunging and deadlifting exercises
    • Bicep and tricep exercises
    • Core stabilisation exercises
    • Dumbbell, barbell and disc variations
  • Planning Studio Strength Sessions

    Planning Studio Strength Sessions

    • Screening techniques
    • Gathering participant information
    • Risk stratification
    • Contraindications to exercise
    • Collecting participant feedback
    • Evaluating sessions for improvement
  • Teaching Studio Strength Sessions

    Teaching Studio Strength Sessions

    • Effective demonstrations
    • Cueing and timing
    • Tone and voice projection
    • Motivational strategies
    • Different teaching positions
    • Correcting techniques in a group
  • Health, Safety and Professionalism

    Health, Safety and Professionalism

    • Staying safe in the studio
    • Professional bodies and registers
    • Instructor insurance
    • Managing emergency situations
    • Professional practice
    • Customer care

How You'll be Assessed

Prior to attending your course, you'll complete a small range of online learning and assessment activities that will ensure you have the necessary pre-course knowledge to participate in the practical workshops. Throughout the course, You'll complete a small number of micro teaches while participating in the practical studio strength training workshops. Then, following the 2-day instructor training workshop, you'll have 6 months to record yourself teaching a full class to a group of participants and submit that recording to our team of assessors for assessment.



  • Online learning
  • Online quizzes
  • Session plan

Practical assessment

  • Live studio strength class
  • 45-60 minutes
  • Recorded post-course

Learning and Support Materials

Our Studio Strength Instructor course will teach you all you need to succeed in the world of studio-based resistance training. The course is delivered through blended learning, meaning that you'll complete some home-study prior to attending an intensive 2-day face-to-face practical instructor workshop. You'll need to be fit and ready to complete this workshop because there will be a lot of studio resistance training delivered.

Interactive online learning
Learning materials range

Toe-by-toe content

An easy to follow, interactive eLearning experience that will guide you through all the pre-course learning.

Inspiring practical workshop
Exercise to music strength class

Raising the bar

High energy, informal and friendly 2-day practical workshop that is specifically designed to equip you with the skills to succeed.

Unrivalled tutor support
Learning support tutor

Support without limits

Our five-star support team will always be available to handle any queries or questions that you might have about your training.

Engaging and uplifting training music
Jumping in ETM class

Pure Class by Pure Energy

Get free training music with our studio strength training to ensure your classes start with the right vibe.

Career concierge - ongoing career support
Study on your own terms

Keeping you on the right path

Once you qualify you'll receive free ongoing career support from your dedicated tutor for up to 12 months. This is more than enough time for you to become a world-class instructor.

*Both print and digital versions supplied

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Level 2 Studio Strength Instructor

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