Experienced HFE Pilates instructor working with a client
Experienced HFE Pilates instructor working with a client
Experienced HFE Pilates instructor working with a client

Level 3 Pilates Instructor Course

Immerse yourself in the industry's most popular Pilates teaching training

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Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Mat Pilates


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Based on Joseph Pilates' original Contrology concepts and techniques, this mat Pilates course opens up a range of possibilities for instructors

  • Course type

    Blended learning

  • Time to qualify

    8-10 weeks

  • Entry requirements


  • Accreditations

    YMCA Awards are HFE's awarding body HFE's fitness courses and qualifications are fully endorsed by REPs HFE's fitness courses and qualifications are endorsed by CIMSPA

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Pilates is one of the most popular and effective forms of exercise for those looking to improve musculoskeletal health and function. It’s also perfectly suited for those looking to enhance flexibility and deal with certain aspects of injury rehabilitation. Qualified instructors are able to deliver classes in a precise and controlled manner and this helps participants get the most out of a class.

The practice of Pilates actually began life as Contrology and was pioneered in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates. As a child, Joseph himself suffered terribly from multiple conditions including asthma, rheumatic fever and rickets. It was these afflictions that made him determined to return his body to peak physical condition through exercise.

Our Pilates instructor course follows Joseph’s original principles and exercises, which is a testament to how effective they are and how much they’ve stood the test of time. This qualification has been created with your success in mind. So whether you have designs on teaching in a leading health club, developing your own Pilates brand, or even branching out to teach at retreats worldwide, you’ll be able to do so once qualified.

The course is fully accredited by YMCA Awards and recognised by both REPs and CIMSPA. We specialise in blended learning which combines practical attendance at a nationwide venue including Manchester, Cardiff, London and Glasgow, with in-house support from our expert tutors. This is backed up by learning materials that have designed and delivered by some of the industry’s most experienced professionals.

To learn more about the history of Pilates and how you can develop a successful career, start with our in-depth career guide. We’ve also prepared a sample of our bespoke student manual and this can be accessed online or via the HFE app.

What You'll Learn

The best Pilates instructors have unrivalled attention to detail and are able to deliver classes in a precise and controlled manner – at the end of the day, that’s what Pilates is all about.

Our course takes the fundamentals of a Pilates qualification and builds on it exponentially. HFE’s training is designed to make you more adaptable, more confident and ultimately more successful as an instructor.

Here’s what you’ll be encountering on your Pilates journey:

  • Principles and Fundamentals of Pilates

  • Level 2 and 3 Anatomy and Physiology

  • Posture for Mat Pilates

  • Performing Pilates Exercises

  • Planning Pilates Classes

  • Teaching Pilates

You’ll also discover elements of hands-on correction, how to adapt Joseph Pilates’ original 34 exercises and the most effective ways to incorporate equipment into your class.

How You'll be Assessed

Our Pilates course has been carefully split into various, easy to manage components. This gives you the best possible chance of passing first time and securing employment as a qualified instructor. Here’s how we’ll assess you during your studies:

  • Worksheets

    Principles of Mat Pilates and Adaptations and Modifications

  • Case Study

    Design a 12-week progressive programme for a client

  • Lesson Plan

    Demonstrate how you would effectively structure a Pilates session

  • Theory Exams

    Principles of Exercise, Fitness and Health, and Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology

  • Practical Assessment

    Put everything into practice a deliver a Pilates session just as you would in the real world

  • VIVA

    Complete this over the phone with your support tutor after passing your other assessments

Entry Requirements

While there are no formal entry requirements for this Pilates instructor course, we advise that you’ve already completed a Level 2 Gym or Level 2 Exercise to Music qualification.

In addition, you should ideally have experience performing Pilates exercises or attending classes regularly. This will enable you to get the best possible head start.

This mat Pilates qualification also acts as a prerequisite for the Level 3 Reformer Pilates Teacher course.


Before your first practical weekend, we usually recommend 6-8 weeks of home study, based on an hour a day.

During this period, you should take the time to familiarise yourself with your Level 2 and Level 3 Anatomy and physiology, and your Level 3 Diploma in Mat Pilates manuals.

Via LES (the Learner Engagement System), you’ll find plenty of learning resources including practice tests and video lectures.

  • Weekend 1

    Your introduction to the principles and fundamentals of Pilates, posture and lesson planning

  • Weekend 2

    Practical workshops covering preparation, main and closing phases of Pilates class, and preparation for your practical assessments

  • Weekend 3

    Put everything into practice with your theory exams and practical assessments

Upgrade Your Pilates Qualification

Take your qualification further by combining it with others, saving money and benefiting from exclusive extras like videos, career support and job opportunities.

  • Specialist


    Break down barriers by combining Pilates course with an in-depth PPN workshop

    Pregnant client on an exercise mat Pregnant client on an exercise mat


    • Level 3 Diploma in Mat Pilates
    • Level 3 Pilates for Pre and Postnatal Clients

    Payment Options

    • Pay in full

      Total payable £1182.75 5% discount £62.25
    • 6 month payment plan

      1 x £170 and 5 x £165 Minimum deposit £250 Total payable £1245
  • Master


    All the courses and all the training you need to become a world-class instructor

    Pilates instructor helping a participant with correct alignment Pilates instructor helping a participant with correct alignment


    • Level 3 Diploma in Mat Pilates
    • Level 3 Pilates for Older Adults
    • Level 3 Pilates for Pre and Postnatal Clients
    • Level 3 Exercise Referral Diploma
      • Level 3 Nutrition for Physical Activity
    • Level 4 Exercise for Low Back Pain Certificate

    Payment Options

    • Pay in full

      Total payable £2622 5% discount £138
    • 6 month payment plan

      1 x £420 and 5 x £418 Minimum deposit £250 Total payable £2760
    • 12 month payment plan

      1 x £211 and 11 x £209 Minimum deposit £250 Total payable £2760
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You Deserve the Best

Course content written and delivered by the some of the industry's best physiotherapists and Pilates teachers

Our Reputation Precedes Us

625 reviews |
out of 5
  • James Crossley, also known as Hunter from Gladiators, endorses HFE's fitness courses

    "HFE is the ultimate fitness training provider, without a doubt their personal training courses are the best in the industry."

    James Crossley

    (Hunter from Gladiators)

  • Laura Massaro is a World 1 squash player who studied yoga with HFE

    "The course has really helped me to better understand yoga so that I can improve my performance and remain World No. 1"

    Laura Massaro

    (World No. 1 Squash Player - 2016)

  • Team GB Olympic pole vaulter Holly Bradshaw is an HFE personal training student

    "HFE have produced some of the best materials I have seen in education."

    Holly Bradshaw

    (Team GB Olympic Pole Vaulter)

  • Kardy Laguda is an internationally renowned fitness instructor

    "HFE is the most professional and cutting edge fitness provider I have ever seen."

    Kardy Laguda

    (International Fitness Presenter)

  • Rating: 5 out of 5

    The support, help and advice I received right through the process, from my first enquiry about undertaking the course right up until I completed and passed was fantastic.

    Vic Mitchell

  • Rating: 4 out of 5

    The training with HFE was very helpful. If you required more help on a subject you were finding a little difficult they would explain this in a descriptive way.


  • Rating: 4 out of 5

    Webinars were very useful for me as this is the best way for me to study but you will need to read the manuals as well. I would definitely use HFE again, hoping to advance on my qualifications in 2016. Thanks


  • Rating: 5 out of 5

    Just completed my level 2 Gym Instructor Cert with HFE. From the first phone call, I knew that HFE would be the company to choose. They have chosen their staff right from teachers to support and learning staff.


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Level 3 Pilates Instructor Course

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