HFE Pilates instructor leading a class of students
HFE Pilates instructor leading a class of students

The Future of Pilates Teacher Training

Pioneering concepts and modern ideas come together to form this game-changing course

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Online Pilates Courses and Teacher Training

A fully online Pilates course with international recognition. Certified by YMCA Awards and fully endorsed by CIMSPA, this online Pilates qualification includes extensive learning materials, unlimited tutor support, over 50 hours of online lectures, exercise video demonstrations, and four days of live online Pilates content presented by technical experts.

  • Delivered Entirely Online

    This fully online Pilates course streams the entirety of our face-to-face programme directly to you.

  • Unlimited Learning Support

    Our online Pilates teacher training includes unlimited phone and/or email support from our team of support tutors.

  • Presented by Pilates Experts

    All of our Pilates courses are written and delivered by some of the brightest Pilates minds and online is no exception.

  • International Recognition

    This online Pilates instructor course can be completed from anywhere in the world and it's accredited by YMCA, CIMSPA and Active IQ (Level 3).

  • Extensive Learning Materials

    We provide everything you need as standard, including print and digital manuals, interactive online learning, over 50 hours of video lectures, mock exams and more.

  • Complete Flexibility

    Combining supported home-study with four live online training days, you can work towards all assessments and coursework at your own pace.

  • Accessible Anywhere

    Your location shouldn't ever hold you back. All you need to complete this course is an internet connection, Pilates mat, and a little hard work.

  • Employment Opportunities

    Our Pilates graduates get access to CV Connect, our platform that instantly puts you in front of thousands of employment opportunities across the UK.

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Flexible Payment Options

We are committed to complete transparency with our pricing and payment options. That’s why the price you see is the price you pay, no exceptions. All our students pay the same low cost every time for their online Pilates instructor course.

Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Mat Pilates (Online)

  • 5% discount for paying in full

    - £895 (becomes £850.25)

  • Interest-free payment plans over 6 months

    - Deposit = £100. 1 x £135 and 5 x £132 per month for 6 months

  • 14-day money back guarantee

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Presented by Industry Experts

Not all Pilates teacher training is created equally and we believe to be the best you have to learn from the best. Our online Pilates instructor courses are written and presented by some of the most qualified and experienced Pilates professionals in the fitness industry. Our online programme is no exception.

  • Dawn Rafferty

    =Dawn Rafferty is a veteran Pilates instructor

    Originally coming from a dance background, Dawn has been involved in the world of fitness since 1989. She is an expert in all things Pilates and is one of HFE's most experienced tutors.

    • Posture and Alignment
    • Principles of Pilates
    • Adapting and Modifying Pilates
  • Karen Smith

    =Karen Smith is an expert Pilates instructor

    Karen has been involved in almost every aspect of the fitness industry over the 30 years. Her unrivalled passion for Pilates makes her an expert instructor and HFE tutor.

    • Pilates Exercise Demonstration
    • Planning and Teaching Pilates
    • Professionalism in Pilates
    • Reformer Pilates
  • Hara Markos

    =Hara Markos is an expert Pilates instructor

    With a Masters in Sports Science and over 20 years of experience teaching fitness, Hara is an expert Pilates instructor and a valuable part of the HFE tutor team.

    • Posture for Mat Pilates
    • Adapting and Modifying Pilates
    • Core Training
    • Reformer Pilates
  • Lorna Malcom

    =Lorna Malcom is a chartered physiotherapist and HFE tutor

    Lorna is a Chartered Physiotherapist, HFE Tutor and a Pilates instructor with over 30 year’s industry experience. Her expert knowledge and flawless presentation make our video lectures an invaluable resource.

    • Anatomy
    • Physiology
    • Core Training

World-Class Pilates Content

Our online Pilates teacher training is as comprehensive, in-depth and engaging as it gets. Here's a brief over of the subjects you'll encounter at both:

Level 2 + Level 3

Did you know...

To become a truly world-class Pilates teacher you need to understand the science of anatomy, physiology and human movement.

You also need the practical skills to be able to use this knowledge to help to teach, inform and guide your participants along a journey which improves their physical, functional and even spiritual health.

  • Anatomy and Physiology

  • Posture for Mat Pilates

  • Posture and Optimal Alignment

  • Principles and Fundamental of Pilates

  • Gathering Information for Pilates

  • Core Stability Training

  • Planning Pilates Sessions

  • Teaching Pilates Sessions

  • Adapting and Modifying Pilates

  • Pilates Exercise Repertoire – 34 Exercises

  • Progressive Pilates Programming

  • Professionalism Practice

Comprehensive Learning Materials

Our online Pilates teacher training course is supported by a wide-range of learning materials, including both print and digital, to ensure that the course content is accessible to you in a format which suits your learning style and needs.

Upon enrolment, you’ll receive instant access to the following:

=HFE Pilates instructor teaching a student

See Pilates in Action

Discover what real students have to say about their Pilates instructor training

  • 1

    3 comprehensive training manuals containing all of the course content

  • 2

    A detailed study guide which navigates you through the course

  • 3

    Over 50 hours of online lectures and practical demonstrations of the Pilates repertoire

  • 4

    Interactive online learning and assessment modules and a wide-range of mock theory exams

  • 5

    A wide-range of easy-to-use case-study and lesson planning templates

*Both print and digital versions supplied

Ongoing Career Support

  • Our flagship CV Connect programme will instantly connect your CV with thousands of UK-based employers. Many of these employers are actively looking for qualified Pilates teachers to join their existing teaching teams.

  • Career advice, guidance and support is ongoing, even once your studies are over. Whether you want help finding local employers, writing a CV, or some advice on marketing and promoting yourself, our team have got you covered.

  • Finally, as an HFE graduate, you’ll be eligible to receive a wide range of exclusive offers and discounts. Some of our discount partners include CIMSPA, Insure4Sport, Awesome Supplements, The Mad Group, Your Pilates Physio and many more.

An HFE personal training tutor talking to a female student

An Online Pilates Course with Unlimited Possibilities

Join our existing network of Pilates graduates who have gone on to secure work with some of the world’s leading health club and Pilates brands.

HFE graduates work with David Lloyd clubs across the countryVirgin Active is an HFE employer partnerNuffield Health is an HFE employment partner
HFE graduates work at Bannatyne gyms and health clubs across the countryHFE graduates work with leading budget gym chain Xercise4LessPure Gym is an HFE employment partner


Looking for more information about our online Pilates instructor courses and teacher training? We've answered the most frequently asked questions.

How are the online Pilates instructor courses different from the face-to-face ones?

The main difference between the face-to-face Level 3 Diploma in Mat Pilates and our online Pilates course is how the qualification is achieved.

With our online Pilates teacher training, all the learning can be completed from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. With regards to your theory exams, these are taken online using our robust system, while worksheets and case studies can be accessed within our online portal, or LES (Learner Engagement System).

In terms of the content that would normally be delivered on our face-to-face weekends, this will be livestreamed by our expert Pilates tutors. All you'll need for this is an internet connection (and a suitable device), a Pilates mat and suitable space in your own home for which to practice.

Instead of completing your practical assessment at one of our nationwide venues, you'll be required to film yourself delivering a Pilates session to friends and family members. Providing you're following the guidelines, this can be done in any studio or open space of your choice.

Taking your Pilates course online by no means you'll be disadvantaged in any way. Print and digital manuals, unlimited support from a dedicated tutor, video lectures, mock exams, and Pilates exercise demonstrations will all be at your fingertips at all times.

How do I complete my theory exams and practical assessments?

We've heavily invested time and resources into creating a robust online platform for online exams. Essentially, these exams are overseen by an online proctor that uses your laptop, Mac or desktop PC's microphone and a webcam to monitor you while you take your exam. It's completely secure and it's just to ensure that you're conducting yourself in the same way as you would in a face-to-face exam.

One of the biggest benefits of our online exam system is that you get to choose the time and day you'll complete your exam. Plus, you'll get instant access to your results as well.

Alongside the theory exams, worksheets and case studies (all accessed via LES), there's also a practical assessment to complete. For this, you'll need to head to your local studio, or a similar open space and film yourself delivering a safe and effective Pilates class to your friends and family.

What learning resources are available when I study?

Simply put, with our online Pilates course, you'll receive everything you need to pass with flying colours. Comparing side-by-side with the face-to-face equivalent, there really is no difference.

For starters, from the moment you enrol, you'll be assigned a dedicated Learner Support Tutor. This experienced individual (and in fact our whole team), is on hand Monday - Friday via phone or email. They'll answer questions, offer revision tips, offer career guidance and anything else you might need. We'll also post you bespoke hard copy manuals and these can be instantly accessed via the HFE app and taken on the go.

The Learner Engagement System, or LES, is where the majority of learning will take place. This innovative platform contains a wealth of resources including mock exams, workbooks, over 50 hours of video lectures and demonstrations of Joseph Pilates' original 34 mat-based exercises.

What are my payment options?

We're firmly committed to honesty and transparency when it comes to paying for your online Pilates teacher training. If you're in a position to get everything sorted upfront, we'll offer you a 5% discount when you pay for your course in full.

Alternatively, we have an interest-free payment plan that's spread over six months. You'll initially be able to secure your online Pilates course place for just £100 and after that, it's just six months of low monthly payments.

Do you offer guaranteed Pilates instructor interviews and jobs?

This is actually one of our most frequently asked questions and the simple answer is that it's not something we engage in. When you're studying your online Pilates course, we want to afford you as much freedom and flexibility as possible. It's just as true when it comes to a finding job.

In the past, we've had our group exercise graduates work with some of the biggest gyms, health clubs and studios in the country. Not only that but we've also seen launch successful online programmes, open their own studies and even start their own international fitness retreats. There is no definitive 'right' path to take, it's ultimately where you feel like you're going to make the most impact as an instructor.

Instead of engaging in the often unethical practice of guaranteed interviews and jobs, we've created CV Connect. This a truly game-changing way for qualified Pilates instructor and teachers to secure their dream job. As soon as you've completed your course, you'll unlock access to CV Connect within LES.

From here, all you'll need to do polish your CV, upload to the system, search for employers in your area and apply directly. There are no recruitment agencies, no hidden fees or anything like that, just a direct path to thousands of employment opportunities.

How long will it take to get qualified as a Pilates instructor teacher?

With your online Pilates training, we want you to be able to take things at your own pace and that's why you'll have up to six months to complete your course. Everyone will learn at a different pace and the support we offer students, alongside our wealth of learning resources, reflects that.

We've also created an in-depth study guide for our online Pilates course and this provides a bite-sized breakdown of all the topics you'll need to cover.

Ultimately, what's going to serve you best as a Pilates instructor in the working world is not how quickly you complete the course, rather how you apply yourself to your learning. With some hard work, enthusiasm and determination you're going to get a lot of the journey and come out the other side as a confident and highly capable qualified Pilates instructor.

Online Pilates Training Courses with HFE

A great deal has changed over the years in the world of Pilates, not just in terms of how the discipline has developed since the days of founder Joseph Pilates, but also how aspiring fitness professionals become fully qualified Pilates instructors and teachers.

It used to be the case that face-to-face training was the only credible way to complete the Level 3 Diploma in Mat Pilates. The game has changed however with the arrival of our online Pilates teacher training. Essentially, it’s the same course, the same world-class and expertly-presented content you’d expect from any HFE programme, just in a different location.

As the name suggests, our CIMSPA-recognised and YMCA Awards-accredited online Pilates course can be completed wherever you are in the world. Workbooks, case studies and mock exams can all be accessed through our bespoke online portal, the Learner Engagement System (LES). It’s here you’ll also find over 50 video lectures presented by experts from the world of Pilates and easy to follow video demonstrations of the original 34 mat-based exercises.

In terms of the actual course content, the Pilates teacher training itself, this will be livestreamed by our expert tutors. All you’ll need for this is an internet connection (and a suitable device), a Pilates mat and a suitable space in your own home from which to practice.

When it comes to the final assessments, flexibility is the name of the game. Theory exams are completed online, you’ll select the time and day that suits you best and all you’ll need to do is make sure you’re focused, well revised and sat in front of a computer. For the practical assessment, there’s no need to visit one of our nationwide venues. Instead, you can find a studio space closer to home and film yourself delivering a Pilates class for family and friends.

Pilates is all about precision and that’s precisely the approach we’ve taken when creating our online Pilates courses. In no way will you be disadvantaged because you’ve chosen to take your training online. The same unlimited support from a dedicated tutor is still available. Bespoke hard copy manuals are still posted out to you alongside instant access to digital versions via the HFE app. Essentially, everything you need to pass your online Pilates course will be at your fingertips.

We truly believe this is the future of Pilates teacher training and we look forward to supporting you on your journey.

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The Future of Pilates Teacher Training

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