Our Price Promise

We're committed to a pricing strategy that is completely transparent, ethically sound and which protects the quality of our training provision.

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Our Values

We're a value-driven business and trade on our reputation for quality, ethical practice and our ability to make a difference in the exercise and physical activity sector. These values underpin the pricing of our products and inform how we do business.

We believe that what our students get from their training is not nearly as important as what they become. That’s why our training services focus on empowering our students to learn more, achieve more, and ultimately, become more.

We don’t aspire to be the largest or most profitable provider in the sector, only the best in terms of quality. We want our graduates to be the most knowledgeable and highly skilled professionals in the business, so that they have a long and successful career.

We’re the only provider in the active leisure sector that includes medical and other clinical tutors into their delivery model and we do this because we want you to learn from the best.

We’re focused on making a difference to you and the sector, not simply making a sale!

Here are some of the values we are guided by.

  • Integrity

    Our vision is guided by strong moral and ethical principles.

  • Transparency

    We're completely open and honest about our pricing which is why all our prices and payment options are published on our website. Also, we won't mislead you by increasing our standard course fees so we can later provide you with a 'special' discount.

  • Simplicity

    We strive to make our pricing model as easy to understand as possible. We're always exploring new ways to make things clearer for our students and potential students.

Our Price Promise

Our values define who and what we are. This is why we strive to conduct ourselves and our business practices with the highest ethical standards.

  • Our training courses and qualifications will always be competitively priced.

    Quality of training and rigor of assessment are our key priorities and we'll never sacrifice quality for price. However, we do strive to keep our courses affordable so that we can make them as accessible to as many people as possible.

  • We'll always be completely open and transparent with our prices.

    We always display the price of our courses and the various payment options clearly on our website for everyone to see. We will never hide these behind an enquiry wall to force you to get in touch.

  • We'll always be completely honest about our courses, accreditations and what is required.

    We will never exaggerate the benefits or underestimate study times in order to persuade you to enrol. Also, we won't ever use misleading statements about our services, awards or accreditations that may also influence your decision making. Everything we say about our courses and services will be entirely accurate.

  • We won't ever engage in high-pressure sales tactics or hefty discounting.

    Those training providers that that trade on price alone will often increase their starting price and then provide hefty discounts to create the illusion you're getting a deal of a lifetime.

    We understand that changing careers is a big decision and we believe you should have the time to consider everything on balance without the fear of missing out (FOMO) on a deal. These "35% discounts that must end by lunchtime tomorrow" are nothing more than high-pressure sales tactics to get you to part with your money and we just won't do it.

  • Everyone pays the same, without exception.

    We value all our customers equally and we'd never give other students a 'special offer' that allowed them to get the same products and services as you for less. After all, why should people pay less than you because they enrolled at a different time.

    Outside our prompt payment discount (5%) and our standard 'multi-course discount' (10% off additional courses booked at the same time), we don't discount our courses. Not even for friends.

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Our Pricing Model

Many of our customers are keen to understand why certain courses cost more than others. In the interests of complete transparency, we've outlined the rationale of our pricing strategy below.

Our training products are reasonably priced, with a number of flexible and INTEREST FREE payment options available to help you fund your training.

Broadly speaking, the longer our courses are and/or more contact days there are, the more the course would typically cost because our delivery costs are higher.

Courses in the south of the country do tend to cost us more to deliver than those in the north, although we don’t apply these costs to our pricing model. Regardless of your physical location, you’ll pay the same low cost.

Some of the common factors that affect our pricing model are described in the following boxes.

  • Delivery Method

    Our online courses are naturally more competitively priced than our face-to-face training simply because our delivery costs are greater in terms of tutors, assessors and venue hire.

    We employ some of the best health and fitness educators in the business and so it’s only right that we pay our team according to their skills, qualifications and abilities.

    Our training venues are premium health clubs and we use these to maximise the quality of your learning experience which is another key reason why our face-to-face training costs a little more expensive than our online solutions.

  • Learning Resources

    Many providers have now opted for a completely digital model where all manuals and materials are available only online. We continue to supply print and digital manuals because we believe this enhances our students’ learning experience. However, costs of printing and delivery of these are also factored in to our course fees.

  • Subject Specialism

    We do also have some specialist courses, like reformer Pilates for example, where we need to use very specific equipment and the cost of hiring these venues is much greater.

  • Awarding Body

    Some awarding bodies do charge more for their qualifications than others and so naturally, these costs are factored into our pricing.

Price Matching

Matching the price of one product against another is a common sales tactic used by some training providers in an attempt to win more business. We've taken the time below to outline our position on price matching.

We know that many of the budget training providers in the active leisure sector participate in hefty discounting, price matching and other high-pressure persuasion tactics in order to sell their courses. After all, if a training provider can afford to shave off 35% if you enrol today then this really does speak volumes about their pricing model.

Our training courses are already competitively priced and while we may not be the cheapest provider in the industry, we’re certainly not the most expensive either. When you factor in the extensive range of learning materials (print and digital), tutor support, contact hours and added value products (e.g. bonus CPD content, CV Connect, exclusive offers and discounts), we certainly offer the most value than any other provider in our sector.

For us to be able to reduce the price of our courses further, we’d unfortunately need to remove some of the products, services and features, which ultimately would reduce the quality of your learning experience and potentially hamper your future success and opportunities.

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"No two training courses are the same, even if they lead to the same qualification. That's why it's impossible for us to match another training company's pricing when our programmes include so much more than most, as standard".

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