Level 3 Exercise for Older Adults

Learn how to adapt exercise for older adults and support an ever-growing client base

Older adult in gym holding dumbbell smiling at fitness instructor
Older adult in gym holding dumbbell smiling at fitness instructor

Level 3 Exercise for Older Adults

Cater to an ever-growing client base by learning to meet the fitness needs of older adults. This presents an exciting CPD opportunity for qualified trainers and instructors.

  • Course Type:

    Home study

  • Time to Qualify:

    6-8 weeks

  • Entry Requirements:

    Level 2 Fitness Instructing

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Level 3 Exercise for Older Adults

This exercise for older adults course is an exciting CPD opportunity for qualified trainers and instructors who want to make their skills and expertise inclusive to a wider range of clients, helping to improve the health and quality of life of older adults.

Course Overview

Our Level 3 Exercise for Older Adults is designed to help fitness professionals upskill as well as gain new knowledge and the necessary skills to make a real difference in peoples’ lives. Ultimately, you’ll develop an understanding of the ageing process and how exercise can be used to improve quality of life.

This course is primarily delivered through home study, although you will have the option to attend one of our training venues to complete the theory assessment. Alternatively this theory test can be completed and invigilated online with the added bonus of receiving your provisional exam results straight away.

Aside from the qualification entry requirements, students should have a positive attitude towards working with older clients and be able to adopt a caring, patient and empathetic approach.

  • Entry Requirements:

    In order to enrol onto this training course, you must already possess a Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instruction – either gym-based or group exercise. Those with a Level 3 Diploma in Mat Pilates or a Level 3 Yoga Teacher qualification are also eligible.

  • Accreditations:

    Accredited by YMCA Awards and recognised by CIMSPA, this qualification provides a perfect opportunity for a wide array of instructors and professionals, including personal trainers, yoga teachers and Pilates instructors, to expand their client base and range of services.

  • Learning Resources:

    To help you fully grasp the course we’ll give you access to a wealth of learning resources including online practice quizzes, bespoke print and digital manuals, and a home-study guide to keep your learning structured and organised.

One-On-One Support

We provide the ultimate guidance and support whenever you need it during your course, or even to discuss career options beyond your studying. You can speak to your tutor as much or as little as you need over:

  • Phone

  • Email

  • Video Call

  • Webinar

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What You'll Learn

To ensure that you feel confident working with older adults and you’re able to deliver safe and effective exercise, we’ve created a robust and highly informative course. Here are some of the standout elements you’ll encounter:

  • Anatomical and Physiological Ageing

    - Muscular changes associated with ageing
    - Skeletal changes associated with ageing
    - Flexibility and ageing
    - Cardiorespiratory changes associated with ageing
    - Neural changes associated with ageing
    - Cognitive function and ageing

  • Behaviour Change and Motivation

    - Barriers to participation
    - Perceived behavioural control
    - Principles of behaviour change
    - SMART goals
    - Motivating older adults
    - Marketing and promoting physical activity in older adults

  • Teaching Exercise for Older Adults

    - Teaching skills
    - Monitoring exercise intensity
    - Ratings of perceived exertion and perceived breathlessness
    - Correcting technique
    - Health and safety matters
    - Exercise guidelines for older adults

  • Screening and Consultation Techniques

    - Pre-exercises screening and assessment
    - Physical activity readiness questionnaires
    - Informed consent guidelines
    - Medical clearance guidelines
    - Communication and rapport
    - Signs and symptoms of cardiovascular disease

  • Benefits of Exercise for Older Adults

    - Functional benefits of exercise
    - Muscular benefits of exercise
    - Skeletal benefits of exercise
    - Cardiorespiratory benefits of exercise
    - Neural and cognitive benefits of exercise
    - Psychosocial benefits of exercise

Physiotherapist lecture content on iPhone screen

*Images and videos are for illustration purposes and may not depict specific course materials.

One Exercise for Older Adults Course.
A Lifetime of Opportunities.

Join our special populations graduates who direct exercise for older adults in some of the world's leading gyms and health clubs.

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How You'll be Assessed

Before you embark on your journey to change the lives of your older clients, you'll need to put your learning into practice and complete the following assessments.

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  • Worksheets
  • Case study
  • Consultation and screening


  • 30 multiple choice questions
  • 70% pass mark
  • Online or in person

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