Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Presented below are a range of questions that are frequently asked by our customers and prospective customers. Please feel free to browse these questions and answers to find the information you are looking for. If however you aren't able to obtain the information you require, please do not hesitate to contact one of our careers advisors who will be only too happy to help you with your enquiry. 

If you feel that there are too many questions to browse, use the filter boxes below to narrow the focus of your query.

Is distance learning the right for me?
Can I get a discount if I have already passed my theory exam?
Do you offer guaranteed interviews or jobs?
How difficult is it to find work once I’m qualified?
How long does it take to complete your courses?
Why are HFE courses cheaper than others?
Will I struggle if English is not my first language?
How many times can I re-take my assessments?
Will I receive extra help if I am struggling?
Can I get my money back if I decide this course isn’t right for me?
Am I too old to complete a fitness course?
What is the pass rate for HFE courses?
How long will it take for me to get my certificate?
Do I need any experience as a fitness instructor?
What computer equipment do I need for the online learning?
What is the Register of Exercise Professionals-REPS?
Can I pay for the course in installments?
How can I get my course funded?
Where can I get insurance once I have completed my course?
Can I skip a level if I have a degree?
Why do I need to pay a transfer fee?
How can I reserve a place on a course?
Do I need a first aid qualification to complete my course?
What if I fail my assessments?
How do I know which qualification is right for me?
Can I complete my course if I am pregnant?

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