Advanced Level 4 Certificate in Matwork Piates

Get ahead with the most advanced Pilates qualification in the active leisure sector

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Level 4 Advanced Certificate in Mat Pilates

Reach new heights in your career as a professional Pilates teacher with this advanced Level 4 Matwork Pilates course. Discover how to work with clients with more complex clinical needs, including amongst others, postural dysfunction and movement impairment syndromes.

  • Blended Learning:

    Home study with 6 days attendance

  • Internationally Recognised:

    Active IQ, CIMSPA and Ofqual regulated

  • Cutting-Edge Content:

    Aligned with latest evidence treating pain, and dysfunction with Pilates

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Level 4 Advanced Mat Pilates Course

Become an elite Pilates teacher by achieving the highest regulated Pilates qualification in the active leisure sector. This advanced matwork Pilates course is rich in learning content aligned with the latest evidence around posture, pain, movement dysfunction and how Pilates can support recovery in these areas.

Course Overview

Our Advanced Level 4 matwork Pilates course is the highest-level Pilates qualification in the UK. If you want to take your career as a Pilates teacher to the highest level, then this is absolutely the Pilates programme for you. The Advanced Level 4 Pilates certificate, is accredited by Active IQ and fully endorsed by CIMSPA. It’s also internationally recognised, meaning the opportunities to use this qualification are far-reaching.

The course content expands on the classical matwork repertoire, applying more rigour and depth to both the anatomical and applied elements. Additionally, it incorporates more contemporary and scientifically validated research surrounding movement control, dysfunction, impairment and musculoskeletal pain, which is a common reason why many people turn to Pilates.

Combining a period of supported home study with 6-days of practical attendance, you will have plenty of time to layer your learning, apply what they are taught practically, before being assessed on the final training day.

If you don’t yet have the entry requirements for this programme, or if you’re looking to maximise the impact of your learning when entering the Pilates profession, you may wish to consider one of our Pilates career packages… with these, you’ll be able to work towards your level 3, level 4 and/or reformer studies simultaneously.

  • Entry Requirements

    Entry onto this programme requires that you have already achieved, or are working towards, a recognised Level 3 Diploma in Matwork Pilates. You will also need to have some practical experience of performing Pilates on a regular basis in a class or on a one-to-one basis.

    We also have packages that incorporate our ground-breaking reformer Pilates course.

  • Learning Materials

    Everything you need to achieve this qualification is included... you certainly won't need to purchase any additional resources. Upon enrolment, we'll supply you with a comprehensive training manual that includes all the technical knowledge and learning needed take your Pilates career to the next level. We'll also supply you with over 50 online lectures presented by a veteran Pilates teacher and physiotherapist, helping you to better understand how the advanced anatomy and physiology content related to Pilates in practice, pain, movement impairments and dysfunction.

  • Career and Progression

    This advanced matwork Pilates course, you'll place you in the elite ranks of Pilates teachers and amongst a few that have attained this standard. From here, you'll be eligible to apply for any Pilates opportunity with confidence that your credentials will make you stand out.

    Whether you want to work for yourself, or alongside physios, osteopaths or other rehab-focused services, you'll be more than prepared to enter this space and work with clients in this capacity.

    If you're looking to add more knowledge and skills to your repertoire, then why not consider our ground-breaking reformer Pilates course.

  • Accreditations

    This is a full Ofqual-regulated qualification that is awarded by Active IQ. It is fully recognised by CIMSPA, both as CPD for CIMSPA members needing to demonstrate ongoing professional development, or as a means of joining CIMSPA as an associate Pilates teacher.

You're in Safe Hands

Our Level 4 Certificate in Mat Pilates course contains everything you need to pass first time, including a world-class level of support from our Learning Support team. From the moment you enrol, you'll have access to a team of tutors who will be on hand to help and guide you through your studies. What's more, they'll also be able to help if you need a little friendly career advice.

Support is completely limitless and we usually provide this service via:

  • Phone

  • Email

  • Video Call

  • Webinars

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What You'll Learn

Throughout this advanced level 4 matwork Pilates course, you’ll complete a wide-range of theory and practical learning specifically designed to prepare you for a career as an advanced matwork Pilates teacher. Here’s an outline of some of what you’ll encounter during your journey to become an elite level 4 Pilates instructor:

  • Advanced Matwork Pilates Movement Analysis

    - Adaptations to mat-based Pilates using small equipment
    - Adaptations to mat-based Pilates using a standing position
    - Modes of progression and regression
    - Advanced teaching methods
    - Movement assessment and analysis
    - Contraindications and further Pilates adaptations

  • Applied and Classical Principles of Pilates

    - ABC principles of Pilates
    - Spinal and pelvic alignment
    - Scapula stabilisation
    - Pilates breathing techniques
    - Centring techniques
    - Classical matwork Pilates repertoire

  • Modern Core Training Concepts and Approaches in Pilates

    - Integration of core muscles
    - Effective core stability training
    - Specific core exercises and analysis
    - Progressive stabilisation training
    - Progression of motor control exercises
    - Functional integration of core exercises

  • Movement-Based Concepts, Dysfunction and Impairment

    - Functional anatomy and kinesiology in Pilates
    - Joint and muscle actions
    - Postural disorders and dysfunction
    - Movement impairment syndromes
    - The myofascial system
    - Muscle inhibition and facilitation

  • Physical Activity and Bone Health in Pilates

    - Osteoporosis in the UK
    - Effects of ageing on bone density
    - Risk factors for low bone density
    - Stimulating bone growth with exercise
    - Applying bone health knowledge to support clients
    - Designing physical activity programmes

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*Images and videos are for illustration purposes and may not depict specific course materials.

One Pilates Career. Unlimited Possibilities.

Join our elite-level Pilates instructor graduates working with some of the world's leading gyms and health clubs.

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How You'll be Assessed

Through this level 4 matwork course, you'll complete a range of theory and practical assessments to demonstrate that you have sufficient knowledge and skills to practice as an advanced-level Pilates teacher. Most of the knowledge-based assessments will be completed remotely online, although the practical aspects of your training will place a great deal of emphasis on preparing you for these. The practical assessments will be completed towards the end of your 6-day training programme when you have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to pass these.

Here’s a summary of the assessment methods you’ll encounter:

HFE student on Pilates reformer


  • Functional anatomy and kinesiology
  • Progressing and regressing Pilates
  • Movement concepts and impairments


  • Movement analysis case-study
  • Bone health case-study
  • Matwork Pilates session plan


  • Group practical Pilates session
  • Adapting classical Pilates exercises
  • Completed on final day of training

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