Level 4 Sport and Exercise
Nutrition Coach

Take your knowledge of sport and exercise nutrition to the next level and learn how achieve optimal results from clients and elite athletes

A pair of trainers beside various foods including berries and an orange
A pair of trainers beside various foods including berries and an avocado

Level 4 Sport and Exercise Nutrition Coach

Get the most current and up-to-date sport and exercise nutrition knowledge to help your clients achieve peak physical and nutritional performance.

  • Course type:

    Home study

  • Time to qualify:

    8-10 weeks

  • Entry requirements:

    Level 2 fitness instructor qualification

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Level 4 Sport and Exercise Nutrition Coach

Help your clients to achieve peak physical and nutritional state with our Level 4 Nutrition to Support Sport and Exercise Performance course.

Course Overview

Participation in sport and exercise is at an all-time high with more people than ever now participating regularly in both. Interestingly, since the London 2012 Olympic games, sport and exercise participation has grown steadily across almost all sports, with running, cycling, football, swimming and golf being the frontrunners.

Outside of recreational sports, the interest and uptake of mass participation events like marathons, triathlons, duathlons, Spartan Runs and Tough Mudder for example has also risen sharply in recent years. Whether people are looking for new opportunities and challenges to stretch themselves physically, or to raise money for a good cause, the data suggests that the UK population quite literally has an appetite for sport and exercise.

Against the above backdrop, the demand for qualified and competent exercise and nutrition professionals that can provide high-quality, evidence-based nutrition support is high. If you are an exercise professional looking to venture in to the world of sports nutrition, our Level 4 Nutrition to Support Sport and Exercise Performance could be just what you are looking for.

  • Entry requirements

    We strongly recommend that you hold a recognised fitness instructor qualification (e.g. gym instructor, exercise to music, personal trainer, Pilates or Yoga teacher) with an Ofqual-approved awarding body (e.g. YMCA Awards, Active IQ, NCFE, Pearson etc).

  • Accreditations

    This nutrition course is fully accredited by the YMCA Awards, ensuring your knowledge and skills will be recognised and valued worldwide

  • Premium learning materials

    Our level 4 sport and exercise nutrition coach course includes a wide range of learning materials which are technically rich, visually vibrant, easy to follow and developed with expertise. They are designed to help you get the most out of your studies, supporting your course and career.

You're in safe hands

Our dedicated team of learner support tutors are on hand to help you with the technical content or any other support you need. We're here when you need us, via any of the following options:

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What you'll learn

Becoming a competent sports nutrition coach requires a strong grasp of the science of human physiology and sports nutrition. You’ll also need to be able to apply the science to real-life situations to support your clients. Listed below are a range of subjects that are presented throughout this course, although this list is far from exhaustive:

  • Principles of sports and exercise nutrition

    - Professional roles and responsibilities
    - Dietary reference values
    - Food quality and nutrient density
    - Optimum diet for athletes
    - Introduction to micro & macronutrients
    - Sourcing credible information

  • Metabolism and bioenergetics

    - Metabolism and different metabolic measurements
    - The measure of energy and energy expression
    - Metabolic needs of different athletes
    - Factors affecting metabolism
    - Calculating macronutrient requirements
    - Bioenergetics in sport and exercise performance

  • Nutrient science for sport and exercise

    - Carbohydrates: guidelines for sport and exercise performance
    - Protein: Guidelines for sport and exercise performance
    - Fat: guidelines for sport and exercise performance
    - Micronutrient requirements for different athletes
    - Optimum fluid and hydration strategies
    - Introduction to eating disorders is sport and exercise

  • Developing effective nutrition strategies

    - Nutrition, health and disease, including metabolic, cardiovascular, gut health and epigenetics
    - Factors affecting diet and nutrition
    - Functional foods and nutrition
    - Nutrition through the life stages
    - Creating an effective nutrition strategy
    - Analysis of sports and their technical needs

  • Supplements and performance enhancing substances

    - When to consider supplements and when to focus on foods first
    - Types of nutritional supplements
    - Optimum strategies for different nutritional supplements
    - Image and performance-enhancing drugs (IPEDs)
    - Types and prevalence of IPEDs
    - IPEDs and the law

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*Images and videos are for illustration purposes and may not depict specific course materials.

What will you bring to the table
as a sport and exercise nutrition coach?

Join thousands of nutrition graduates supporting clients to reach top-level physical performance at some of the UK's leading gyms, health clubs and institutions. Or will you take the self-employed route, training and providing nutritional advice to elite athletes or renowned sports teams for optimal performance? Your career as a sport and exercise nutrition coach can go as far and wide as you want it to.

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How you'll be assessed

This nutrition course is assessed informally assessed throughout with a range of online multiple choice knowledge tests to ensure that you are absorbing the content and understanding the technical information. The course will conclude with an online interactive case study where you will need to demonstrate your ability to apply your knowledge to real life situations.

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  • Multiple choice
  • Completed online
  • Need 100% to pass
  • Unlimited resits


  • Informal style
  • Embedded into course
  • Varied styles


  • Interactive case study
  • Athlete profile
  • Scenario-based questions

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