Participant in an indoor cycling class
Participant in an indoor cycling class

Level 2 Indoor Cycling Instructor Course

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Level 2 Indoor Cycling Instructor Course


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Discover how to plan fun, energetic and original cycling sessions. The course is delivered via a blend of distance learning and an exciting 2-day practical workshop.

  • Course type

    Blended learning

  • Time to qualify

    2 weeks

  • Entry requirements

    See below

  • Accreditations

    YMCA Awards are HFE's awarding body HFE's fitness courses and qualifications are endorsed by CIMSPA

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Level 2 Indoor Cycling Instructor Course

Discover how to plan fun, energetic and original indoor cycling sessions. The course is delivered via a blend of distance learning and an exciting and energetic 2-day practical workshop.


Capitalise on the popularity of Spinning and RPM with our Level 2 Indoor Cycling Instructor course. This is an essential qualification if you are looking to start to teach non-branded indoor cycling classes.

The popularity of indoor cycling continues to increase rapidly, with new trends and spins on the exercise format emerging all the time. Indoor cycling classes provide a range of health, fitness and social benefits and are always in-demand. Whether it’s for weight management, cardiovascular fitness, or training for a cycling or triathlon event, good indoor cycling classes are always a busy feature of any group exercise studio timetable.

Our indoor cycling course are delivered via a blend of distance learning and an intensive 2-day practical workshop. This approach allows you to get up to speed on the theory before attending the course, then learn how to apply this knowledge practically under the instruction and supervision of our course tutors.

Course Structure:

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Practical workshops


Practical assessment

Whether you are a gym instructor or group exercise to music instructor, indoor cycling presents an excellent opportunity to develop more skills and expand your repertoire of group exercise classes.

Entry Requirements

First and foremost, you’ll need to have a Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instruction (Gym or Exercise to Music). This is because this qualification is an award, and is typically used as an ‘add on’ to a full fitness instructor qualification.

If you don’t regularly participate in indoor cycling, including spinning or RPM, we also recommend that you start taking 2-3 classes per week, at least during the home-study period. Being familiar with the bike and the structure of sessions will prove incredibly useful.

What You'll Learn How You'll be Assessed Learning and Support Materials

What You'll Learn

If you’ve ever participated in an indoor cycling session yourself, you’ll know how hard it can be to dig deep and keep pedalling when your body feels like it’s going to give way. Being a great motivator and commanding a room are essential skills to have. As a qualified cycling instructor, you could be the deciding factor between a client giving up and getting off the bike, or pushing through to the end of the session.

We’ll teach you all you need to succeed on this indoor cycling course, including:

  • Principles of Indoor Cycling

    Principles of Indoor Cycling

    • History of indoor cycling
    • Benefits of indoor cycling
    • Pros and cons of indoor cycling
    • Safe bike set-up
    • Injury avoidance strategies
    • Indoor cycling variables
  • Anatomy of Indoor Cycling

    Anatomy of Indoor Cycling

    • Musculoskeletal demands of cycling
    • Physiological demands of cycling
    • Mechanics of cycling
    • Phases of cycling
    • Energy systems
    • Lactate threshold and OBLA
  • Health, Safety and Professionalism

    Health, Safety and Professionalism

    • Duties of an indoor cycling instructor
    • Medical screening
    • Lifestyle screening
    • Venue screening
    • Equipment screening
    • Bike servicing
  • Planning Indoor Cycling Sessions

    Planning Indoor Cycling Sessions

    • Warming-up and cooling-down
    • Flexibility on and off the bike
    • MSE on the bike
    • Aerobic conditioning
    • Lesson planning
    • Indoor cycling methods/techniques
  • Teaching Indoor Cycling Sessions

    Teaching Indoor Cycling Sessions

    • Teaching and instructor skills
    • Working with music
    • Signs of over-exertion
    • Monitoring intensity
    • Cueing - visual and verbal
    • Effective teaching positions

How You'll be Assessed

Your knowledge and understanding will be assessed before you attend the course via coursework, whereas your ability to teach safe and effective indoor cycling sessions will be assessed practically on your course. Listed below is a summary of the assessments you’ll be required to complete.



  • Worksheets
  • Session plan
  • Online quizzes

Practical Assessment:

  • Indoor cycling class
  • 45-60 mins
  • Completed on course

Learning and Support Materials

Our Indoor Cycling Instructor course won’t just teach you the basics, or theory in abstract. Our courses are very interactive and practical, showing you how to apply the knowledge you’ve learned to plan safe, effective and enjoyable indoor cycling classes. In order to equip you with these skills, we’ll supply you with a range of resources and materials, including:

Technically rich student training manuals
Digital textbooks

Easy to use

Our indoor cycling course manuals contain just the right amount of science, practical advice and information you need to become the best you can be.

Navigate your course with our informative study guide
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Learning GPS

Accessed from within your online learning account, this study guide will help you navigate your course, telling you what to learn, what to complete, and when.

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Level 2 Indoor Cycling Instructor Course

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