Nutrition Supplements to Support
Sport and Exercise Performance

Discover how to create those marginal gains by using sports nutrition supplements effectively.

Female at table of food and supplement containers filling out food tracking on clipboard
Female at table of food and supplement containers filling out food tracking on clipboard

Level 3 Nutrition Supplements for Sport and Exercise Performance

This factual, evidence-based course covers the consumption strategies and benefits of supplementing for sport and exercise performance.

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Level 3 Nutrition Supplements for Sport and Exercise Performance

The Level 3 Nutrition Supplements to Support Sport and Exercise Performance is an exclusive HFE programme that has been specifically created to provide an evidence-based learning experience for those wanting to optimise their sport and exercise nutrition strategy.

Course Overview

Exercise and nutrition professionals will inevitably encounter clients who are keen to learn more about how nutritional supplements can support their sport or exercise ambitions, and may in fact already be using a range of supplements to support their training. With so many different products available, and much variability with regards to the quality of the same supplement products, it’s essential that the modern exercise professional has a sound, evidence-based understanding of nutritional supplements and how they can support sport and exercise performance.

The global sale of dietary and/or sports supplements is a multi-billion-pound market. According to data published by Wunsch (2020), in 2018 the worldwide sale of sports nutrition supplements was valued at 50.84 billion U.S dollars and by 2023, these sales are estimated to reach 81.5 billion U.S. dollars. Sports supplements are big business for manufacturers and retailers and it is worth considering this when considering the marketing claims of the supplement manufacturers. They cannot and should not be relied upon!

Our Level 3 Nutrition Supplements to Support Sport and Exercise Performance course has been specifically created by a team of sports scientists and doctors to present to you the evidence-based facts about the most widely used and credible nutrition supplements. This programme has been specifically designed to go beyond what is taught in any other programme, and provides the ideal supplement (sorry we couldn’t resist) to our Level 4 Sport and Exercise Nutrition Coach programme.

  • Entry Requirements

    There are no formal entry requirements for this course and even if you are not working in the sport and physical activity sector, you’ll likely find the course valuable if you have an active interest in the subject. The content is however aimed at qualified exercise professionals and there will be reference to physiological processes, particularly bioenergetics, that most fitness instructors and personal trainers will have prior knowledge of.

  • Learning Materials

    This course is primarily delivered through eLearning, although some supplementary reading is supplied to help you develop a deeper understanding of the subjects. The content is mobile-friendly, engaging, and paired with a step-by-step study guide for ease of learning.

  • Exclusive HFE Programme

    This course is unique and exclusive to HFE. Our sports scientists and doctors developed this course specifically to equip those who work in the sports and exercise industry, supplying them with the facts and skills to accurately and effectively advise clients regarding the use of nutrition supplements.

Here to Support You

Unlike many online courses, our team of experienced and friendly support tutors are always on hand to provide a little extra help. At your request, your personal support tutor will be available via:

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Video Call

  • Webinar

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What You'll Learn

Throughout this course, you will develop a thorough understanding of the evidence-based facts around a range of nutritional supplements which can be used to develop optimum sports and exercise nutrition performance. Some of this content includes:

  • Introduction to Nutrition Supplements

    - Defining nutritional supplements/ergogenic aids
    - When to consider/avoid supplements
    - Supplement safety and quality indicators
    - Relative importance of supplements
    - Cost effectiveness of supplements
    - Credible sources of evidence

  • Protein and Amino Acid Supplementation

    - Protein and amino acid classifications
    - Effects on performance, aesthetic and health
    - Whey & casein
    - Branched-chain amino acids
    - Plant-based proteins
    - Optimum protein strategies (dose, frequency, timing)

  • Creatine Supplements in Sport and Exercise

    - Creatine classification
    - Benefits and side effects
    - Effects of creatine on performance, health and aesthetics
    - Creatine loading and maintenance approaches
    - Creatine in sport
    - Optimum creatine strategies (dose, frequency, timing)

  • Caffeine Supplements in Sport and Exercise

    - Evidence-based benefits of caffeine supplements
    - Types of caffeine supplements
    - Caffeine during pregnancy/breastfeeding
    - Variability between caffeine supplements
    - Contextual sporting strategies
    - Optimum caffeine strategies (dose, frequency, timing)

  • Vitamins, Minerals and Omega Supplements

    - Defining omega-3, omega-6, ALA, EPA & DHA
    - Fish oil supplements - sources, benefits & types
    - Vitamin and mineral supplement benefits/risks
    - Cost effectiveness of vitamin/mineral supplements
    - Effects on performance, aesthetics, health
    - Optimum vitamin/mineral supplement strategies

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*Images and videos are for illustration purposes and may not depict specific course materials.

Where Will Your Nutrition Qualification Take You?

Adding the skills to support clients with their nutritional and performance goals will make you even more in demand in the fitness industry. You can take your qualification as far as you want, both geographically and in terms of career progression. Why not join our thousands of graduates working with nationwide and worldwide leading gyms and health clubs?

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How You'll be Assessed

The programme is assessed in a flexible and uncomplicated format, through a combination of informal knowledge checks that are embedded into the learning programme, and an end-of-course online multiple-choice exam. You'll complete the assessments in your own time and they are easy to take, but a word of warning, you'll need to know your stuff to pass the exam. If you don’t manage to pass the exam first time, don’t sweat it. Simply do a little more revision, and return to the test when you’re ready.

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  • Multiple choice
  • Informal tone
  • Consolidate learning


  • Knowledge checks
  • Embedded into course
  • Informal style


  • Multiple choice
  • Need 100% to pass
  • Instant results
  • Unlimited resits

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