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Leading Online Exercise to Music Courses – Live and Virtual

Exercise to music instructors are the backbone of studio-based fitness classes and our online exercise to music courses provide the gateway to a fantastic and exciting career in this profession. Whether you want to attend a course physically, or complete one of our virtual, online ETM courses, we’ve got the perfect training solution for you at HFE.

  • International Recognition

    Certificated by YMCA Awards and fully mapped to CIMSPA standards, our online ETM courses are recognised the world over.

  • Self-Paced Theory Content

    World-class online lectures will guide you through all the knowledge elements of your course and will make you assessment ready.

  • Live Practical Training

    3-days of dynamic and engaging practical virtual tuition will equip you with the skills to succeed – and you don’t even need to leave your home.

  • Access from Anywhere

    With our virtual online exercise to music courses, you'll access your course via a live stream so you won't need to travel to one of our regional training venues.

  • Flexible Learning

    We understand that sometimes life can throw the occasional curveball, which is why our courses are flexible, and can be adapted to fit the busiest of schedules.

  • 5-Star Support Service

    Throughout your learning you’ll be supported by one of our expert learning support tutors. They’ll be on-hand whenever you need them.

  • Spread the Cost

    We have a range of Interest FREE payment plans with low monthly instalments to help you spread the cost.

  • World-Class Materials

    We’ll supply you with a wide-range of quality print and digital resources to ensure that your career in exercise to music gets off on the right foot.

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Flexible Payment Plans

Train now and pay later with our flexible and affordable payment plans. Simply pay the deposit and then spread the cost of your course over 6-months. The plan is INTEREST FREE and can be set-up in a matter of minutes.

Exercise to Music Courses (online)

  • 5% discount for paying in full

    - £545 (becomes £517.75)

  • Interest-free payment plans over 6 months

    - Deposit = £100. 1 x £75 and 5 x £74 per month for 6 months

  • 14-day money back guarantee

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Presented by Group Exercise Specialists

Our online virtual exercise to music courses are presented by some of the fitness industry’s foremost group exercise tutors. With our virtual programmes, we’re able to give you direct access to these tutors, regardless of your physical location. You’ll be able to login to your course direct from the comfort of your own home – no travel, no accommodation, no hassle. Our team of exercise to music tutors and assessors have decades of combined experience in delivering these qualifications to people just like you and they are fully invested in seeing you succeed.

  • Dawn Rafferty

    =Dawn Rafferty is a veteran Pilates instructor

    Dawn has an extensive background in dance and studio-based exercise and has gathered over 30-years experience in the fitness profession. She has worked with HFE for over 10 years and is one of our most experienced group exercise tutors.

    • Exercise to music
    • Pilates (mat and reformer)
    • Yoga
  • Karen Smith

    =Karen Smith is an expert Pilates instructor

    Karen is a veteran exercise to music professional with a broad-range of skills and experiences. She has been delivering group exercise to music classes, freestyle and pre-choreographed, for over 30 years also, and has embraced the virtual model. Karen has been with HFE for many years and is one of our most qualified group exercise tutors.

    • Exercise to Music
    • Pilates (mat, reformer and advanced)
    • Yoga
  • Kardy Laguda

    =Kardy Laguda has created exclusive choreography for HFE

    Kardy Laguda is nothing short of a legend in the fitness business and he has been been presenting world-class choreography workshops and international fitness showcases around the world for decades. Kardy is arguably one of the industry's most experienced and successful presenters and supports the delivery of our exercise to music courses with his on-demand choreography inspiration workshops.

    • Choreography inspiration
    • Music skills
    • Layering, cueing and timing

What You'll Learn During Your Course?

To become a qualified group exercise instructor, you'll need to develop a wide-range of knowledge and skills spanning a range of subjects, including:

Level 2 + Level 3

Why Complete an ETM Qualification?

Exercise to music instructors teach a wide-range of group-based exercise classes, including freestyle aerobics, body conditioning and many of the branded and pre-choreographed programmes, like LES, Zumba, Insanity and Inanity and BOKWA to name a few.

A career in exercise to music can be extremely rewarding because you get the opportunity to help others stay fit and healthy, while maintaining your own health and fitness. Teaching classes is fun, and they say if you enjoy what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life!

  • Anatomy and Physiology

  • Components of Fitness and Exercise

  • Principles of Exercise and Fitness

  • Using Music for Exercise

  • Choreography Skills

  • Cueing, Layering and Timing

  • Planning ETM Skills

  • Teaching Exercise to Music

  • Health, Safety and Welfare in Fitness

  • Supporting Clients with Physical Activity

  • Nutrition and Healthy Eating

  • Health and Medical Screening

Learning and Support Materials

Our online ETM courses are fully-loaded with a wide-range of teaching and learning materials that have been expertly created to support your learning and development, taking you from beginner to master in only a matter of months. Once you've enrolled, we'll give you instant access to:

=ETM Specialist

Take a Sneak Preview

Here are just some of the resources and features that you'll get with this online ETM course.

Learning Materials and Resources Included

  • 1

    3 comprehensive training manuals - print and digital

  • 2

    Expertly delivered on-demand online video lessons

  • 3

    Professionally mixed music to support your practice

  • 4

    Easy to follow study guide to navigate the course

  • 5

    Mock exams and practice quizzes to prepare for exams

The above is just a snapshot and there's loads more content packed into this course.

Ongoing Support For Your ETM Career

  • Get access to a wide-range of real employment opportunities through our flagship recruitment platform, CV Connect. On completion of your ETM course, we’ll give you 6-weeks access to CV Connect where you can upload your CV and instantly connect it with thousands of employers across the UK. Whether you're looking for a full-time job or to join a cover list, CV Connect has got you covered.

  • When you've completed your training and passed your assessments, you'll receive a range of exclusive offers and discounts from a select range of our platinum partners, including fitness music services, equipment suppliers, professionals services and registers, including CIMSPA.

  • Whether you need support with getting you CV into shape, some advice how to get some experience of teaching exercise to music classes under your belt, or your thinking of opening your own group exercise studio, our team of tutors will be on-hand to offer expert advice and guidance if you need it.No question is too big or small and over the years we’ve literally helped thousands of students forge a successful career in group exercise to music.

An HFE personal training tutor talking to a female student

An Online ETM Course Without Limits

Join an exclusive club of HFE exercise to music graduates that have gone on to teach in some of the UK's largest health club chains and brands.

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Here are just a few questions that our online ETM students regularly ask us....

How does the online course differ from attended ETM course?

Our online ETM courses are structured in much the same way as our attended courses. In fact, the course timetable is almost identical. You’ll complete a series of short theory lessons designed to re-cap and consolidate your home learning, followed by live interactive practical workshops that will show you how to apply the knowledge that you have gained practically to develop your exercise to music teaching skills.

The only real difference between our virtual online courses and our attended courses is the fact that you are not required to come to one of our training venues. As such, we teach you everything via a live video streaming service. On the day of your course, you simply login to the meeting with the credentials we supply you with and you’ll be able to engage with your tutor and fellow students just like you can on any other training course.

Do I need any special equipment?

You will need some form of computer device to be able to access the live streaming sessions and we recommend that you have a laptop or tablet device that is portable so you can position this where you can see it while performing various practical activities. We find that most of our students already have this equipment and so rarely do students need to purchase anything. If you don’t a laptop or tablet, we’d recommend you borrow one from a friend of family member rather than buying one just for your course.

While you can use a mobile phone, most students find that the screens are too small and that they get more out of their course by using a larger screen. If you can stream your phone to a TV or other external monitor, then that would certainly provide a better learning experience for you.

You will also need need a good broadband connection so if your internet speeds are slower, we advise that you ask members of your household not to play online games or stream online TV for the duration of your course - this will use a lot of your bandwidth and will affect your online connection. You certainly don’t need a super fast connection to participate.

There are more restrictions on the equipment needed for theory exams, so please be sure to review that FAQ also.

How do I complete my theory exam?

When you’re ready to take your theory exam (anatomy and physiology) you’ll complete these online also in our online Learner Engagement System. These assessments are more flexible with our online exercise to music course format because you simply book the exams when you feel ready, rather than having to sit them when you attend your practical training course. This means that you really can work at your own pace and the only fixed part of the course are your practical training days.

On the date and time of your exam, you simply login to LES and from there you can access the exam from any screen within the system. You just need to follow the ‘start exam’ button.

The exam questions are multiple choice and because you're completing these exams digitally, you’ll receive your result instantly at the end of the exam session. This is another benefit over our attended courses, where students typically have to wait 7-10 days for their results.

What learning materials will I receive?

Our online students receive exactly the same resources as students attending our attended Level 2 Exercise to Music courses. And just because the course is delivered online, it doesn’t mean that you won’t get the same high-quality print resources either, because you will!

When you complete this online exercise to music course, you’ll receive everything that you need to succeed, including print and digital training manuals, online and on-demand lecture videos, worksheet and lesson plan templates for your coursework, and a range of mock theory assessments to allow you to effectively prepare for your final exams.

You will also receive a comprehensive study guide that will walk you through the entire programme, explaining what you need to do and when we advise that you complete specific learning and assessments. You’ll also have unlimited access to our team of Learning Support Tutors who will be on hand to offer as much support and guidance as you need.

What payment options do you have?

Believe it or not, we’re one of a handful of training providers in our sector that actually publishes the price of our training courses on our website for all to see. We believe that all our students should benefit from the same, fair pricing, and we won’t ever bargain with students on price. All our students are of equal value to us and it’s only right that everyone pays the same low price for the same high-quality service. This isn’t the industry standard by the way!

We do have a number of interest-free payment plans available that allow our students to spread the cost of their exercise to music training course over six months. You'll be able to secure your place by making a deposit payment of £100 and after that, it's just six low monthly payments of £74.16.

What music should I use to practice my teaching skills?

When you enrol, we’ll supply you with a digital download of music that you can use throughout your online exercise to music training course. This music is yours to use throughout your training, although the license doesn’t permit you to use this commercially (e.g. you can’t use it for paid classes).

The music we supply you with has been professionally mixed and prepared by Pure Energy and so it will have had all the gaps between tracks removed, and it won’t have any instrumentals or bridges. There will be a strong dnd continuous beat throughout, allowing you to choreograph lively and engaging ETM classes to it. You’ll be able to put this music on an MP3 player, phone, or other portable music device so that you can take its with you wherever you go.

Once you complete your course, we’ll also share with you an exclusive discount code that will enable you to purchase future music from Pure Energy as a discounted rate. This will really help you to get your exercise to music career off to a flying start.

Online Exercise to Music Courses With HFE

Freestyle exercise to music is a modern take on the classic ‘aerobics’ style exercise format that became extremely popular during the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s. Occasionally, aerobics is referred to as ‘hi-lo aerobics’ because classes include a combination of high and low-impact moves to make the exercise more suitable for mixed ability groups.

Freestyle aerobics actually became a professional sport for a time and instructors would compete for the professional title based on their extravagant choreography routines, their ability to keep pace with the music, and of course, how charismatic and engaging their delivery was. Believe it or not, this was a fully-fledged solo routine in which the instructor would usually be covered from head-to-toe in lycra. Oh how times have changed!

The legacy of freestyle aerobics is still extremely popular today at fitness conventions and exhibitions, with exercise to music instructors flocking in from far and wide to to learn new choreography routines and teaching skills from master presenters, like our very own Kardy Laguda.

Here at HFE, we’ve been delivering exercise to music courses to new and experienced fitness professionals for over 15 years. Our online exercise to music courses combine everything that we’ve learned from delivering blended and home-study programmes, with a state of the art virtual streaming service, to bring to you a seamless online learning experience that will help you to forge a successful career as a professional group exercise to music instructor.

All of our exercise to music qualifications are certificated by YMCA Awards, the fitness industry’s first awarding body for fitness instructor qualifications. Also, they are fully recognised by fitness industry employers around the world, ensuring that you won’t have any problems securing work once you’re qualified.

Our ETM courses are also mapped to the professional standards of CIMSPA, so if you are a member, or thinking of joining, you can rest assured your training is recognised. It’s important for us to underline that this isn’t the case with all training providers, so please do your research!

Exercise to music instructors are energetic and passionate fitness professionals that deliver choreographed group exercise classes to the beat and phrase of the music. Aside from their high-energy, they also possess creativity, strong coordination skills, good timing and great observation. These are just some of the practical skills that our online exercise to music course will equip you with.

Over the years, group exercise to music has changed considerably, with many of the branded and pre-choreographed programmes, like Les Mills for example, starting to dominate. With that being said, freestyle class formats are still incredibly popular and some health club chains are in fact moving away from branded programmes because of the hefty license fees they carry.

It’s also important to recognise that many of the certificates issued to instructors of the branded and pre-choreographed formats aren’t in fact regulated qualifications, they are simply licenses to teach that particular style of exercise. Even when they are recognised by CIMSPA, they are still only considered to be CPD (continuing professional development) certificates. They aren’t qualifications! The Level 2 Certificate in Teaching Exercise to Music is the only regulated qualification for exercise to music and without this, instructors wouldn’t actually hold a valid group exercise qualification at all.

We truly believe that our online exercise to music qualification is the future of ETM teacher training and we look forward to welcoming and supporting you on the next chapter of your fitness career.

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