Level 4 Sports Massage Course

Dig deeper and take your sports massage therapy career to the next level

HFE tutor demonstrating sports massage on client to students
HFE tutor demonstrating sports massage on client to students

Level 4 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy

Upskill and take massage therapy further with this Level 4 qualification.

  • Course Type:

    Blended learning

  • Time to Qualify:

    10-12 weeks

  • Entry Requirements:

    Level 3 Sports Massage

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Level 4 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy

Course Overview

Sports massage therapists are at the forefront of correcting dysfunction and treating injuries. The scope of clients that qualified therapists can work with is incredibly broad and no two people are going to present with the same complaints. Whether you are working with elite athletes, sedentary office workers, or somebody in-between, there are a wide range of potential clients that can benefit from a suitably skilled and knowledgeable sports therapist.

Manual therapy has the potential to positively affect a wide range of people and a Level 4 qualification only serves to enhance your career and earning potential. It’s an effective way to elevate your Level 3 knowledge and demonstrate, both to yourself and others, that you are committed to high standards in your profession.

  • Accreditations

    This Level 4 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy is fully accredited by Active IQ and is endorsed by the Sports Therapy Association (STA). It’s a qualification that can be used internationally, which is ideal if you have plans to find work overseas, like on a cruise ship, or at sporting events like marathons, triathlons and ultra-endurance races like Ironman for example.

  • Entry Requirements

    Prior to enrolling on this course, you should already have completed the Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy (or equivalent). We also recommend that you have some experience of providing basic sports massage treatments with real clients, although this is not mandatory.

  • Learning Materials

    Our Level 4 Certificate in Spots Massage Therapy has been developed to help you to reach the pinnacle of your sports massage therapy career. The course is delivered using blended-learning, which combines a period of supported home-study with a practical training course and assessment. Throughout the course, you’ll receive high-standard support and learning materials, including enriching print and digital manuals, engaging online lecture content and much more.

A Helping Hand

Here at HFE, learning support is unlimited and our team of support tutors will be here when you need them. Whether you want us to give you a quick progress review, or talk about something specific, we’ll be here when you need us.

To find out more about our learning support service, check out our support video.

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  • Webinar

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What You'll Learn

This is an advanced-level sports massage qualification is literally packed with the latest evidence-based subjects around injury mechanics and soft tissue dysfunction. This course is at the forefront of scientific thinking sports massage therapy and will truly help to broaden and deepen your knowledge and skills of how to treat clients presenting with chronic and acute musculoskeletal symptoms.

  • Advanced Anatomy for Sports Massage

    - Different joint structures
    - Soft tissue structures of joints
    - Characteristics of different posture types
    - Reasons and justifications for treatments
    - Pathophysiology of different injuries
    - Ageing and the musculoskeletal system

  • Screening and Assessing Sports Massage Clients

    - Screening techniques
    - Performing objective & subjective assessments
    - Recording client information
    - Contraindications to treatment
    - Devising a treatment plan
    - Obtaining consent for treatment

  • Planning Sports Massage Treatments

    - Soft tissue therapy techniques
    - Soft tissue release
    - Corrective frictions
    - Trigger points
    - Muscle energy
    - Planning soft tissue techniques

  • Delivering Sports Massage Treatments

    - Delivering soft tissue therapy
    - Appropriate treatment techniques
    - Monitoring tissue responses
    - Adapting soft tissue techniques
    - Evaluating soft tissue techniques
    - Providing aftercare and advice

  • Treatments to Support Injury and Dysfunction

    - Treatments for acute and sub-acute injuries
    - Treatments for chronic injuries
    - Ice and sports therapy treatments
    - Cryotherapy and soft tissue repair
    - Heat and soft tissue repair
    - Evaluating best treatment options

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*Images and videos are for illustration purposes and may not depict specific course materials.

What Sports Massage Opportunities
Will You Get Your Hands On?

Many of our graduates have successfully gone on to work with industry-leading worldwide brands. This course opens up an endless amount of possibilities, whichever sports massage path you choose to go down.

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How You'll be Assessed

The course includes a range of different assessment methods which are seamlessly embedded into the programme from start to finish, to allow you to make continual and regular progress. Assessments are either completed online in our learner engagement system, or on course with our friendly and supportive tutors. We've provided a summary of these assessments below.

On top of this we have created a sample video of our different assessment types to help you get a feel of what to expect.

HFE Theory exam paper


  • Subjective assessments
  • Objective assessments
  • Unlimited resubmissions


  • Injury prevention
  • Massage techniques
  • Different approaches


  • Observed treatments
  • Different clients and approaches
  • Minimum 5 clients

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