Sample Lecture Videos

Take a sneak preview at some of the online and on-demand lecture videos included in our programmes.

sample lecture videos
sample lecture videos

Sample Lecture Videos

We've supplied below a range of sample lecture videos to showcase the quality of online resources you'll get to support your training and career needs.

The following range of sample lecture videos provide an audio-visual example of the on-demand classroom-style lecture videos supplied as standard with almost all of our regulated training courses and qualifications.

These lectures, which are presented by industry leading fitness experts and clinicians, go above and beyond the standard learning content and are applied in addition to the print and digital training manuals, interactive learning elements, mock theory assessments and host of other digital resources.

Our fanatical team of Learning Support Tutors are also on hand to help to fill in any knowledge and content gaps that you may have. With HFE, you’ll get a truly world-class learning experience.

sports nutrition lecture on macbook

Personal Training

The following show reel of theory and practical training videos are used to support those students completing our personal training courses, whether online or at one of our regional training videos.

Here at HFE, we have a team of technical subject specialists, industry veterans and leading personal trainers who share with you their knowledge and wisdom, so that when you achieve your PT qualifications, you're in the best shape to make a meaningful difference.

Check out our small range of sample training videos here.

Matt Roberts PT

Exercise Referral

Exercise referral is a specialist role in the fitness industry in which those with the relevant exercise referral qualifications are able to work with clients that have been referred by their General Practitioner (G.P.) into a structured exercise referral scheme.

While every scheme is different, many schemes focus on supporting clients with complex medical conditions like hypertension, diabetes, obesity, COPD, asthma, arthritis, stress, anxiety and a host of other comorbidities.

The following show reel is just a sample of some of the content covered in our exercise referral courses.

Dr Dane Vishabala Teaching

Pre and Postnatal Exercise

The modern fitness professional must be equipped with the knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver safe and effective exercise to pregnant women and those recovering from childbirth. Our Pre and Postnatal Specialism Course has been designed and delivered by a team of exercise specialists and midwives to ensure that you get the highest quality of learning in this specialist area.

This show reel is just a short sample of some of this content.

Pre and Postnatal Lectures

Pilates Training

The following show reel is supplied to illustrate some of the learning content in our Pilates Instructor Courses and teacher training.

The vast majority of this content is from our Level 4 Advanced Pilates Course which focuses on many complex musculoskeletal conditions that participants present with when attending Pilates sessions. Some of this content is also used during the home-learning phase of our Level 3 Pilates Teacher Training.

Pilates tutor at HFE

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