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Cruise to Work in the Fitness Industry

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A career in the health and fitness industry is one of great fun and reward. The opportunities for qualified fitness instructors and personal trainers are no longer confined to the gym floor and are literally endless. In this brief article we will discuss the role of a ‘Fitness Instructor’ on board a cruise liner.

The amenities offered onboard cruise ships are vast and include a range of health, fitness and sporting facilities. While many guests will want to spend the majority of their time relaxing, it is also important for passengers to be able to leave the ship feeling energised and invigorated. Thus the Fitness Instructor’s role onboard the ship is to motivate the passengers to remain active, and to ensure that they do so in a safe and effective manner.

Most cruise ships provide an ‘all inclusive’ service and as such passengers can find it extremely easy to ‘pile on the pounds’. The onboard Fitness Instructor will play a key role in helping passengers manage their weight, whilst still being able to enjoy the ship’s array of fine cuisine.

Fitness Instructors working onboard cruise liners typically perform a dual role and work as both a gym instructor and exercise to music instructor. In this role, instructors will be required to teach a range of activities to guests including weight training, aerobics, aqua aerobics, studio cycling and circuit training. It is therefore imperative that anyone wishing to obtain employment in this capacity possesses both of the following two qualifications:

Aside from being given the exciting opportunity to see the world for free, anyone working onboard cruise ships can benefit from tax-free salaries ranging between £800-£1800 per month. In addition to tax-free pay, employees are also provided with free accommodation and food, which allows cruise liner staff to save a hefty sum!

Working on board a cruise ship does necessitate some hard work and discipline. It is not uncommon for Fitness Instructors to work 6 days per week and up to 10-hours a days. Employees usually share accommodation with their co-workers and are expected to maintain an exceptional level of behaviour both on and off the ship.

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