Five Techniques to Make You a Better Motivator

Clients often turn to personal trainers for a number of reasons and these are usually goal-orientated in nature: losing weight, improving fitness, preparing for an upcoming race – the list goes on. For some, no motivation will be required. These clients will be fired up from the outset and simply want you to help deliver results. Others, however, may need a little more of a push. They may know what they want, but finding the drive to get going is something else entirely.

The topic of motivating clients is something our students frequently bring up with their support tutors. With that in mind, here are some straightforward techniques you can start implementing right away.

Before, during and after photos

What better way to have your client realise just how much progress they’re making, or have already made, than by showing them. Not everyone will be comfortable being photographed, but those that are will relish seeing how their body has changed. It’ll also provide the impetus to carry on their hard work.

Defined goals

The SMART system goes a long way with keeping your client-focused. Rather than “I want a faster 5k time”, it becomes “I want to run 5k in under twenty minutes by the end of the year”. Remember to get these goals written down. Whether it’s the wallpaper on their phone or a little note they carry around in their purse or wallet, seeing your goals daily is a powerful motivational tool.

Incentives and rewards

Ensure you celebrate important milestones with your client so they always feel like they’re always making progress. A new personal best, five pounds lost in a week, ten consecutive PT sessions – these are all worth celebrating. Your client could either reward themselves with a new outfit for example, or you can do something as simple as taking them for coffee.

Success stories

A sure-fire way of convincing your clients that you’re the best personal trainer for the job is by showcasing your past success stories. A testimonial on your Facebook wall for all to see is a great public deceleration of what’s possible when clients work with you.

Bring your best

As a personal trainer, you’re viewed as an authority, an expert in your field. As such, it’s your duty to lead by example. Of course, they’ll be days when you’re tired and under the weather, but if you’re too busy playing with your phone, or your thoughts are elsewhere, it becomes even harder for your clients to get themselves in the zone. Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative and your client will follow suit.


Josh Douglas-Walton

Josh Douglas-Walton

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