How E-Learning Could Help You

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An HFE tutor with a group of smiling fitness students
An HFE tutor with a group of smiling fitness students

E-learning is a flexible and interactive approach to learning which utilises technological advances to ensure that you get the most out of your training course. Most e-learning courses are delivered through a website but can also be presented in other formats, including:

  • Training manuals and books
  • Television and radio broadcasts
  • Audiobooks
  • Digital information leaflets
  • Video conferencing
  • Community forums
  • Social media
  • Podcasts

In a world that moves at lightening speeds, the conventional approach to learning (books, manuals, worksheets and assignments) no longer agrees with a lot of learners. Society has changed so much over the past decade and has become addicted to information, advice, quotations and support at the click of a mouse- so why should learning be any different? e-learning does exactly this and also includes the following benefits:

  • Learn when and where you want
  • Work at your own pace
  • Work around your current commitments
  • Get instant feedback on your progress
  • Reduced travel costs to your place of study
  • Repeat work when required with little-no time and cost implication
  • Visually rich illustrations and media help to maximise your understanding

A high quality e-learning course should provide you with information via a range of mediums and should not over- rely on one technique. Different people process information differently and as such it is good educational practice to impart information to learners using a variety of methods. Some learners are more visual and retain information better from seeing charts, images and video, others are auditory and store information better through listening. Kinaesthetic learners prefer to learn whilst doing something, being active and involved. You are probably a blend of all 3 learning styles and if you are currently looking for a qualification in health and fitness, or indeed any other sector, you should ensure that the learning provider you choose can cater for your preferred learning style before you enrol on your training course.


Lee Cain

Lee Cain

Writer, Tutor and Experienced Fitness Professional

Lee has over 20 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry and has performed multiple roles, including physical training instructor, strength and conditioning coach, lecturer, writer, tutor, assessor and verifier for vocational qualifications. He has a passion for all things exercise, with his key specialisms being strength and performance-based training.

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