The Flexibility of Hiring an Apprentice

HFE Tutor with student
Tutor with student

For employers, the benefits of apprenticeships are wide-ranging and plentiful; reduced training and recruitment costs, and increased productivity and higher levels of motivation among the workforce are just some of the effects that can be felt almost immediately.  Undoubtedly though, the biggest benefit to businesses has to be the addition of the apprentice themselves.

Typically, an apprentice will be 16-18, though sometimes older, and will already have a vested interest in the health and fitness industry. They’ll be hungry to learn and eager to succeed, so as the employer it’s important you’re doing all you can to nurture their ambition and unlock their full potential. The statistics support the fact that when a business does its utmost to get the most out of the programme, they will receive real and measurable benefits. For example, 92% of employers say that apprenticeships have led to a more motivated and satisfied workforce, while 70% report apprenticeships have directly improved their quality of service and productivity.

As a training provider, we excel in delivering industry-leading qualifications that enhance an apprentice’s skillset and career development. When employers work closely with us, embracing the subtleties and true potential of the programme, it serves to help the apprentice become an indispensable part of the business.

From the outset, an apprentice should have a clearly defined role and a set of responsibilities. Ultimately they’re here to learn so it may not always be beneficial to have them just cleaning or rooted to the gym floor. Granted, these are important duties in any organisation and they are necessary for the day to day running of a health club, gym or leisure centre. Apprentices however have the potential to do so much more and its important that they aren’t just used to perform the duties that other employees don’t want to do.

Below are three key areas where apprentices can use their enthusiasm, passion, and knowledge to make a difference:

At the Gym
The range of tasks an apprentice can perform in a gym setting is far reaching. Test their mettle by having them deliver gym inductions, teach exercise classes, or design their own personalised exercise programmes.

Another avenue would be to generate interest in Personal Training, and passing leads them on to qualified personal trainers.

Social Media
Bill Gates once declared that “content is king” and if you’ve got a dormant Facebook or Twitter account, why not let the apprentice take the reins. Getting regular content pushed out on social media, whether it’s special offers, photos or even a blog post will only help raise the profile of your business.

If there’s anyone in society who’s fluent with social media, it’s going to be young people. It comes naturally to them and it’s a great way to give an apprentice a sense of ownership and a feeling they’re performing essential duties.

3/10 senior management positions are filled by former apprentices and this starts at the ground level. Away from the gym floor, the apprentice has the potential to be a great assets to the admin and financial side of the business. Involve the apprentice with driving membership sales, exercise class sign ups, and even manning the reception. The more an apprentice knows about every facet of the business, the more they can be of value in the long-term.

If you’d like to know more about apprenticeships in the fitness industry and how these programmes can benefit your organisation, contact our dedicated apprenticeship team on 01772 641 091.

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