What’s Your Training Model?

Small Group Training or One-to-One?

As a Personal Trainer, your time is precious and charging by the hour will naturally limit your income, after all, there are only so many hours in the day. The small group training model offers a method of turning single hours into multiple opportunities for income, but is it the solution for every fitness professional?

One-to-One Training- Benefits and Limitations

Training clients on a one-to-one basis may be best for quieter, more reticent individuals who need lots of attention from their personal trainer. They may not want to workout in front of others or may be embarrassed or shy if they still feel new to the whole exercise thing. There are also those who do not want to share their trainer with others and like to feel that they are getting 100% of their coach’s focus at all times.

One-to-one training is probably also the best choice for you if your client has any kind of injury, medical condition or any other specific needs. Clients that also demonstrate any sign of needing additional attention with regards to posture, technique and instruction should also be steered towards the one-to-one pathway to ensure that they get the level of instruction and supervision they need.

The limits of this model are actually quite simple- by exchanging units of your time for a set fee, you will naturally hit a ceiling when it comes to income generation. Of course you can increase your hourly fee if you feel that you can justify this but even this has its limits. Many Personal Trainers attempt to increase their income by extending their working day or week, but this is not a sustainable approach in the long run and particularly with such a physical job.

Group Training- Benefits and Limitations:

Small group training is a business model whereby you place groups of participants together and coach them at the same time, maximising your hourly fee, creating a sense of community and group energy, and delivering great results to individuals who are motivated by a group scenario.

You’ll need to make sure that each person is happy with the idea of being in a small group situation, but this set up will actually benefit some people more than one-on-one training would. It’s a great idea for early morning sessions, or for groups who respond well to challenges or short term goals.

The business model you choose as a personal trainer, and the way in which you manage your time, is entirely up to you. But no PT can deny that, in order to create a sustainable way of working which generates a decent income, we must all diversify from a purely “hourly fee” model. How will you branch out and add to your basic training model in order to get your methods and message out to more people?

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