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Tutor with student

You’re a busy fitness professional, always networking, learning and coming up with new ideas. What’s your latest bit of interesting news? It’s all very well you knowing about it, but how do you make sure your existing clients, lapsed clients and prospects stay aware of how committed you are to developments in the fitness industry. One of the best ways to stay connected with clients is to send a simple customer newsletter.

Even with so many other marketing tools available to our industry (ranging from print advertisements to email campaigns, advertorials to social media), the classic customer newsletter still packs a hefty punch. You can delivery the newsletter by email or as a paper copy, depending on the size of your marketing list and the information you have available. Everyone likes to read an informative, well-written and personalised newsletter. So make sure your customer newsletter hits the spot by delivering the information your clients and prospects will find interesting… so interesting, in fact, that they have to contact you to find out more! Here’s how:

Find out what’s stopping you

Why aren’t you already sending a customer newsletter? Is it lack of time, lack of confidence in your writing skills, or lack of information about the tools and technology you should be using? Spend some time researching (enlist the help of an expert for an hour or two if you need to), the build your newsletter into your marketing plan. That way, it will become a must-do business task, as important as writing client programmes or following up on enquiries.

Scope out the competition

Do you want to dominate your local area, your niche or your product type? It’s time to do some research about who you’re up against. How many PTs work in your town? Who is seen as top dog when it comes to they type of knowledge or training you want to be known for? Spend some time researching the competition so you can start to get your name known.

Build your list

To send a newsletter, you need a list of contacts. Email addresses are a great start if you want to send email newsletters and any digital campaigns, offers or specials. Start with current, past and lapsed clients. Then think about how you can garner even more contacts. Do you have a sign-up form on your website or blog? Try offering something for free (a short ebook, top tips, or the answers to regularly asked questions to do with fat-loss, training or nutrition, for example). By asking people to input their email address in order to access the valuable information, you will be able to build a list of contacts. Ask existing contacts to pass your email on and send their friends, colleagues and family your way, too.

Sending a regular newsletter by email or post will enhance awareness of you and what you do, build and strengthen your brand, and get your name and expertise known. What are you waiting for? Get writing!

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