Corporate Training

At HFE we have an incredibly strong track record of delivering qualifications in the corporate sector. We’ve previously worked with, and continue to work with a wide spectrum of commercial customers. Our remit is to help them elevate the knowledge, skills and confidence of their workforce.

It’s no secret that businesses who take the time to invest in their staff reap a wealth of benefits including greater productivity, motivation and job satisfaction, to name but a few. Additionally, these businesses also have lower levels of absenteeism and attrition, which in turn avoids potentially detrimental financial implications.

In the UK, businesses spend an average of £5433 a year on recruiting and replacing staff that leave or who are absent. Investing in these people before they become demotivated could go a long way to help mitigate these recruitment costs and aide the nurturing of a committed and efficient workforce. Our business support team take a very personal and individualised approach to the needs of all our corporate customers. If you are a business owner or operator that is interested in providing any of our industry-leading qualifications to your staff, contact our business team today to find out how we can help you.

Here are just some of the benefits of our corporate training services:

  • A bespoke training package that is tailored to the individual needs of your business and employees
  • Flexible delivery methods with increased or decreased contact time/attendance as required, including extensive and award-winning online resources
  • Discounted course fees for multiple bookings
  • In-house delivery to minimise the disruption to your staffing levels


How Can We Help?

To find out more about our corporate training services, contact our business support team today on 01772 641 091.

Alternatively, if you’ve already consulted with our business team and you wish to make a booking, please download and complete the following Corporate Booking form

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