Am I too old to complete a fitness course?

This is a question that we get asked time and time again and the answer is absolutely not.

We have had lots of older students successfully complete most of our courses over the years and many have gone on to forge successful careers in the fitness profession. The perception that the health and fitness business is a career for youngsters is an absolute myth and some of the most successful exercise professionals in the sector are those that have life experience and people skills.  

Older adults are amoung the fastest growing population in the UK and there are now more people of state pensionable age than there are under 16. Additionally, older adults have more time and often have considerably more disposable income than those who are trying to raise families and/or who are busy with work. They are also one of the most health conscious of all age groups because they tend to be much more aware of how precious their health actually is. It is the interaction of these 3 factors, which makes this population far more likely to seek the services of a friendly, approachable and experienced exercise professional.

If you are senior in years you are likely to be much more appealing to older clients than a young body beautiful trainer. You will be better positioned to understand their needs and offer valuable advice. There really is no such thing as too old any more!

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