Can I get a discount if I have already passed my theory exam?

Unfortunately we are unable to discount any of our qualifications if you have already passed the common unit or any of the summative assessments. Our qualifications are priced on a combination of the cost of the learning materials, the number of contact dates required, the volume of marking and the awarding body certification cost.

Many students, particularly those who have completed an equivalent qualification at the same level will be exempt from sitting some assessments. The anatomy and physiology exam is a common assessment many students don’t actually have to sit.

Irrespective of whether the common unit was already held by you, the same certification charge is applied. Since there is no saving for us when applying for certificates, we are unable to pass on any saving to you. If you have already passed the theory component of a course, you will however be able to expedite your course completion and obtain certification much sooner than other learners who will need to wait for their theory results before they can become qualified.

The process to using a previous qualification of assessment to expedite your progress is referred to as recognition of prior attainment or RPA.

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