Can I skip a level if I have a degree?

It is possible for some students with higher education qualifications (degree, masters, Phd etc) to bypass the level 2 qualifications and start their studies at level 3. This route is commonly referred to as ‘recognition of prior achievement’ (RPA) and ‘recognition of prior learning’ (RPL) depending on the pre-course elements being used.

Awarding bodies usually require extensive evidence of previous learning and achievement in order to bypass the level 2 route and a comprehensive mapping exercise must be undertaken to show that the student has covered all of the level 2 content elsewhere and usually involves the submission of assignments, reports and research in a relevant subject area. If you do wish to bypass the level 2 route, it will be your responsibility to complete the mapping process. We will be able to provide you with some guidance on this but ultimately this task will be your responsibility.

Due to the complexity of this process, most students find it easier and more rewarding to simply complete the level 2 qualification. Many of the students who do select the RPA/RPL route do struggle with the practical aspects of the course later on. We therefore recommend that for peace of mind you start your studies at the recommended level, irrespective of whether or not you have a degree.

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