Do I need a first aid qualification to complete my course?

No you don’t need a first aid qualification to take or pass any of our courses or qualifications.

Previously all fitness instructors and personal trainers were required to hold a valid CPR certificate and whilst this is still recognised as good practice, it is no longer a mandatory requirement. All health and fitness facilities are required by law to have a qualified member of staff on duty when the facility is open and so holding a first aid certificate will certainly improve your employment prospects.

HFE recommends all fitness professionals possess a full First Aid at Work Qualification and can provide details of local first aid courses upon request. The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) does not require its members to possess first aid qualifications either.

Those considering a career in exercise referral should certainly ensure that they not only possess a first aid qualification, they should also ensure that they are defibrillator trained. Exercise referral clients are at an increased risk of unexpected and untoward medical complications and so it is imperative that all professionals working with this population are equipped to handle these situations.

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