Do I need any experience as a fitness instructor?

In short the answer to this question is no. You don’t need any experience of instructing exercise or fitness to complete any of our qualifications, irrespective whether they are pitched at level 2, 3 or 4. All of our courses have a healthy blend of theory and practical to ensue that you will get sufficient time to apply your new knowledge and skills practically. While experience is not mandatory, clearly it is advantageous.

What we absolutely must insist on however is that all students, regardless of the course or qualification have a keen interest in health and fitness and the domain and area in which they plan to study. If enrolling on a Pilates course for example, we would expect that students take a keen interest in Pilates classes and before attending their course, attend on a regular basis Pilates classes.

Our qualifications are specifically designed to accelerate learning and as such many students with no experience have still managed to successfully complete their qualifications. All students wishing to complete our level 3 qualifications must possess the level 2 pre-requisite qualification. This criterion does not  apply however to Nutrition, Pilates or Yoga.

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