How difficult is it to find work once I’m qualified?

There are a variety of opportunities available qualified fitness instructors and personal trainers and so it’s unlikely that you will struggle to find work. Whether you want to work for yourself, or find work in an existing fitness facility there are always opportunities available for passionate, enthusiastic and qualified exercise professionals.

If you are looking to start a career as a personal trainer, you can explore rental programmes where you pay a weekly or monthly rent to practice, and then you take home what you make over and above the rental fees. There are also a variety of personal training management companies/agencies that procure the rights to run the personal training services in some clubs; the companies are always looking for new staff to help them grow their business.

If you have completed one of our exercise to music or Pilates qualifications you too shouldn’t find it difficult to find employment. Like personal training, there are self-employed opportunities also available although most group exercise instructors work on a freelance basis for multiple clubs and facility operators. The best way to get employment as a studio-based instructor is to send a CV our to all of the local facilities and health clubs and get yourself on the cover list. If you are good, in no time at all you will find yourself with more regular classes and sessions.

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