How long does it take to complete your courses?

Every course is different and so the time each takes to complete varies from one student to the next depending the size of the course, the dates you select at the time of enrolment and more importantly, your personal circumstances.

The following timescales can be used as an approximate guide to help you decide how much distance-learning you will need to undertake before you attend your practical training course or exams; these timescales are based on 1 hour per day of study:

  • Awards- approximately 4 weeks
  • Certificate- 6 weeks
  • Diploma – 8 weeks

With our advanced diplomas, like the Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Personal Training that consist of multiple qualifications, it may take longer than 8-weeks depending on the volume of time you have to dedicate to your studies. If you are able to commit more than recommended 1 hour per day to your distance learning, there is every chance that you will be able to expedite your achievement somewhat.

When you enrol, we will provide you with a suggested study guide for each of the courses that you have booked. These study guides have been produced with your success and will help you to divide your workload into manageable chunks. All of the study guides are flexible and your distance-learning support tutor will work with you to tailor the programme to suit your individual needs.

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