Is distance learning the right for me?

This is a difficult question for us to answer for you because only you will know how good you are at time management and what your preferred style of learning is.

If you are able to manage your own time effectively and commit yourself to a given number of hours each week for reading, learning and assessment activities then it is likely you will reap the many benefits of distance learning, including:

  • Reduced course costs
  • A flexible workload that fits around your current commitments
  • Flexible location at one of many training venues throughout the UK
  • Individually paced learning
  • Accelerated certification and accreditation

Distance learning isn’t for everyone however and if you struggle to stay focused and are easily distracted then this might not be the best route for you; a direct delivery programme may better suit your learning style.

Only you can decide if distance-learning is the right route for you but you can however rest assured that the support team at HFE will provide you with a superior level of tuition and support throughout your study period.

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