What is the pass rate for HFE courses?

Here at HFE we have an extremely high first time pass rate for both theory and practical assessments. This is owing to our high-quality support systems, learning materials and fanatical levels of support. Our support tutors are dedicated to your success so you can rest assured that by the time you sit your assessment, you’ll be in the best shape to pass it.  

While the precise pass rates vary each month depending on the volume of exams sat during that period and the students who have taken them, our first time pass rates are summarised below:

  • Practical Assessments- greater than 96%
  • Level 2 Theory Assessments- greater than 85%
  • Level 3 Theory Assessments- greater than 77.5%

Our assessment pass rates are certainly above the industry standard and even in the unfortunate event that you don’t manage to pass first time, it’s highly likely that the next time you take the exam you will be ready. Support is unlimited at HFE so you can access and much or as little of it as you want.  We do tend to find that those students who stay in regular contact with their support tutor are the ones that manage to pass their exams first time round.

Also, if you feel that you need a little more practice with the theory questions, feel free to ask your support tutor to reset your online multiple-choice questions. Because these questions are randomised, each time the assessment is reset you will get access to questions that weren’t included in your last attempt.

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