Why do I need to pay a transfer fee?

HFE is committed to providing you and your fellow learners with a high-quality training and assessment service. In order to ensure this service is delivered to our high-standards, we must make sure that our programmes are sustainable and financially viable. This not only ensures that when we make a pledge to deliver a training course, we are able to do so as advertised, it also ensures that in the small number of occasions where changes to the proposed training must be made, (e.g. when course numbers are too low for the course to run), we have sufficient time to notify other learners, our suppliers, the venue and the course tutors accordingly.

If you decide to transfer your attendance from one course to another, especially when outside of the timescales specified in our Terms of Booking, we will still be liable for the costs of the training we have pledged to deliver. As such the transfer fee is intended to safeguard the integrity of each training course instance by ensuring that transfers are only made when they are absolutely necessary, and that some of the costs associated with the transfer are recovered.

If for example you book a course for £515.00 and subsequently decide to defer your attendance from one set of dates to another, you may be required to pay the transfer fees specified in our terms. If you pay the fee of £250.00, you have effectively occupied a reserved place on 2 separate course instances for a gross £765.00. When this gross fee is split across the 2 courses we have reserved for you, each course place generates a net revenue of £382.50, some £132.50 less than the full advertised price.

Each time a transfer is made, this principle is compounded and further increases the cost of delivering the training to you. This is therefore the basis of the transfer fee.

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