Will I receive extra help if I am struggling?

Absolutely… there are a variety of ways in which we can provide you with further support and tuition if you are struggling with your studies.

The first thing you should always do if you are struggling with any of the course content is to speak with your learner support tutor about your concerns because in most cases they will be able to resolve the matter for you quickly.

We can’t stress the importance of maintaining regular contact with our distance-learning support tutors enough because those who take regular support calls rarely struggle with the course content and related assessments. Some of the more common ways in which our support tutors go the extra mile to help students struggling with their course however include:

  • Shorter and more frequent telephone and email contact
  • Screen sharing lessons where content can be better explained and demonstrate- this is really useful if you aren’t too good with a computer
  • Resetting online assessments so you can have more practice attempts
  • Breaking-down lesson plans, case studies and worksheets into smaller more manageable tasks
  • Deferred theory assessments to allow more time to focus on practical assessments
  • Individual learning plans- making amendments to the general study guide document

Support is unlimited at HFE so there really isn’t such a thing as ‘extra’ help- you get as much support, as you need to help you master the content and achieve your qualification. If you feel that there is something we can do to better help you learn, please feel free to let us know. We are dedicated to your success and so if we are able to help, we will certainly do our best to do so.

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