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Become a leading health and wellbeing practitioner with our range of industry-recognised training and qualifications.

HFE tutor in wellbeing studio
HFE tutor in wellbeing studio

Health and wellbeing courses and qualifications

We are passionate about all things health and wellbeing and this shows up in everything that we do. We have a reputation for training excellence and our health and wellbeing courses and qualifications are at the forefront of the the wellbeing sector. These programmes are expertly designed and meticulously delivered to ensure that you grow personally and professionally, increasing your ability to support others as they make life-changing transformations to their own health and wellbeing.

Health and Wellbeing Career Pathways

Our health and wellbeing packages have been designed to provide an immersive learning experience for students to simultaneously develop a broader range of knowledge and skills. Our packages are created from different combinations of individual wellbeing programmes, and provide two distinct practitioner pathways for students to take. Each pathway has been designed with specific occupational roles in mind, maximising the future employment opportunities of graduates in the health and wellbeing sector.

HFE tutor in wellbeing studio




Health and wellbeing course

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HFE tutor in wellbeing studio

Master Practitioner

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Specific Health and Wellbeing Courses

Wellbeing practitioners provide holistic lifestyle support to their clients, helping them to develop and maintain their physical, mental, emotional, social, and even spiritual capacity and resilience. To empower those keen to make a meaningful difference in the wellbeing sector, we have a range of expert-led wellbeing training courses that can be completed individually, or in combination with each other, to develop the essential knowledge and skills to be able to help others create more vitality and balance in their life. This is the essence of wellbeing.

Level 3 Exercise Referral

Level 3 Exercise Referral

Plan and deliver exercise programmes to clients with long-term health conditions.

Level 3 GP Exercise Referral Diploma

Level 3 GP Exercise Referral Diploma


Health and Wellbeing Services

The health and wellbeing sector is growing rapidly and public, private and corporate organisations are investing heavily in a range of health and wellbeing programmes and services. Discover more about some of these services below.

For many traditional exercise and fitness professionals, the concept of wellbeing will feel somewhat different because they are used to focusing only on the physical aspects of their client’s health and fitness. However, humans are complex and multifaceted beings and there are many different dimensions to a person’s state of health. Each of these are interconnected and collectively contribute to a person’s overall health and wellbeing.

These dimensions are usually referred to as ‘the pillars of wellbeing’, and include physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, occupational, environmental and intellectual capacities.

As a health and wellbeing practitioner, there are several services that you can provide to clients to support their broader health and wellbeing goals and some of these services are described below. It is, however, important to underline that these are not isolated services, in fact, many should be integrated into your normal services to maximise the impact of your health and wellbeing coaching.

To achieve total health, and to be able to live life fully and in a way that makes a person truly happy, a state of balance and equilibrium needs to be achieved between all of these wellbeing pillars.


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Corporate Wellbeing

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Weight Management

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Train well. Live well. Be well.

The demand for quality, evidence-based health and wellbeing services that can make a meaningful difference to the health of the nation is at an all-time high. Our health and wellbeing training programmes have been specifically developed to equip you with the knowledge, skill sand confidence to be able to empower others, so that they can live better quality of lives, and for longer. Wellbeing is our DNA and supporting students just like you to 'become more' has been our focus and mission for almost 20 years.

We are pioneering the health and wellbeing movement, raising standards and bridging the gap between the health, fitness, and wellbeing communities. We deliver a wide range of health and wellbeing courses and these are specifically designed to empower our students to become industry leaders in their own right, inspiring others to live better and for longer. Our health and wellbeing courses are:

  • Developed and delivered by leading experts

  • Evidence-based with practical application

  • Aligned with international standards

  • Trusted by employers worldwide

  • Comprehensive with high-levels of support

  • Flexible, with affordable payment options

A trainer high-fiving their client

Best in class wellbeing qualifications

We have a reputation for training excellence and our team comprises some of the brightest and most experienced health and wellbeing coaches in the active leisure and healthcare sector. If you’re looking to become a leading health and wellbeing practitioner and you want to learn from the best, you’re absolutely in the right place.

HFE coach working with client

We seamlessly integrate training that is delivered by leading clinicians in their field, with practical training presented by practitioners with extensive applied experience. This results in the perfect combination of theory and practical learning. Our health and wellbeing programmes are evidence-based, comprehensive, and provide learners with a broad range of practical solutions aligned with best practice health and wellbeing standards.

We’re also rated by CIMSPA as one of the highest quality providers in the active leisure and wellbeing sector and we hold the ‘enhancing status’ in terms of the quality of our training and education services.

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Happy corporate customers

We work with a wide-range of health, fitness and wellbeing service providers, delivering training, raising standards and supporting their workforce . Additionally, many graduates of our health and wellbeing courses have gone on to work with these providers also.

Featured below are a handful of our satisfied corporate customers.

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Health and wellbeing articles

If you're thinking about joining the health and wellbeing sector then it's only natural that you'll want to learn more about the roles, opportunities and specialisms that are open to you before taking that all-important leap of faith. Our range of health and wellbeing articles provide the perfect starting point.

If you’re interested in learning more about health and wellbeing, including the opportunities that are open and available to health and wellbeing practitioners, the following range of health and wellbeing articles will certainly be of interest to you. Written with your success in mind by leading industry experts, this range wellbeing articles will help you to decide if this is an area where you feel you can make a meaningful difference.

As this is different to our other offerings and may attract new customers as well as alumni, do we need support team and testimonial panels?

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Health and wellbeing FAQs

The health and wellbeing sector is a relatively new and emerging industry that unites segments of traditional healthcare with the health and fitness profession. Health and wellbeing is concerned with raising the quality of life lived and equipping people with the necessary tools they need to thrive - not just survive. Featured below are a handful of questions that we're frequently asked by students about our health and wellbeing courses.

  • What’s the difference between wellness and wellbeing?

    Often these to words are used interchangeably and the difference is largely semantical. Broadly speaking, wellness is largely concerned with the active pursuit of being healthy or well, especially in a physical sense, but not exclusively. Many of the classic activities that people perform in the pursuit of being health, like mindfulness, meditation, massage, or other strategies for relieving stress are often referred to wellness activities. Wellness is a state of overall health and is an important dimension of wellbeing.

    Wellbeing is a much broader and more holistic dimension of living well and includes physical, mental, emotional, financial, social and occupational dimensions. Human beings are multi-dimensional and wellbeing is about creating balance between each of these dimensions so that people can thrive. Consider an individual who is lonely, or who has high-levels of stress relating to their work or finances. These pressures spill over into other dimensions of life (e.g., physical health, relationships with others), adversely affecting that person’s wellbeing.  Wellbeing is a holistic appraisal of every facet of our lives to determine what brings us joy, peace and even meaning. The concept of wellbeing extends to our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, occupational, environmental and intellectual states.

  • Where can I find work in the wellbeing sector?

    In recent years, the health and fitness industry has pivoted from a purely exercise and nutrition-focused sector, to more of a health-promotion and disease-prevention industry. As a consequence, the gap between healthcare providers (e.g. NHS, Nuffield Health, BUPA) and the fitness industry have closed considerably. While the wellbeing sector is still in its infancy, there are no shortages of opportunities for skilled health and wellbeing coaches. Whether it’s working in exercise referral, weight management, providing mental health support, smoking cessation services, coaching behaviour change, or working for the NHS as a health Coach, there are so many different avenues that can be pursued with the right passion, attitude and of course, qualifications. 

    Many companies and organisations, large and small are now looking also to put on training, support and coaching for their staff, to reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, and/or raise levels of health and wellbeing amongst staff. 

  • What is corporate wellbeing?

    In recent years, employers are starting to invest in the health and wellbeing of their workforce because they recognise that the more they take care of their teams, the more loyalty, productivity and team spirit this fosters in the workforce. Employers also report a reduction in absenteeism and sickness levels. Supporting staff to lead healthier lifestyles, whether that be through diet, exercise, or health education programmes can lead to positive outcomes for the staff and the business. And this is backed by evidence!

    Corporate wellbeing is essentially where a trained wellbeing practitioner works alongside an employer to deliver individual and team coaching sessions to employees to help them with different aspects of their health, either through exercise, nutrition, or other lifestyle interventions. It may be something as simple as providing posture workshops to staff, showing them how to take care of their workstation ergonomics, or delivering simple stretching sessions to energise the team and to help them take better care of their musculoskeletal health. r Pilates to staff that have

    It is widely reported that a happy and health workforce leads to increase productivity, reduced absenteeism, greater cohesion, and lower attrition rates. Companies that invest in their workforce, and who provide both space and time for them to flourish, realise that the short-term cost of providing these benefits pays for itself in the medium-long-term.

  • Who accredits your health and wellbeing courses?

    Our Health and Wellbeing Coach qualification is accredited by a variety of organisations that are widely recognised for their high standards in the sector.

    Many of our exercise, fitness and nutrition-related programmes are certificated through awarding organisations like YMCA Awards, Active IQ, and Transcend Awards. These programmes are also endorsed by CIMSPA.

    Our Health and Wellbeing Practitioner programme is accredited by the Personalised Care Institute (PCI) and is mapped to the NHS standards for health Coaching. This ensures that people that want to work in and alongside more clinical services will be able to secure work in a health coaching role.

    Accreditations do vary from one programme to the next, so please be sure to check before you enrol if this is important to you. Alternatively, feel free to get in touch with one of our Health and Wellbeing Career Coaches who will be more than happy to answer any questions that you have.

  • Where can I find work as a health and wellbeing practitioner?

    There are a number of fitness, leisure and wellbeing specific job sites that frequently advertise health and wellbeing practitioner roles.

    The NHS and their many trusts located around the UK are perhaps the biggest employer of health and wellbeing practitioners, via their health coaching pathway. It’s worth noting that specific job titles will vary according to the NHS trust and the role required. Often, services are determined based on local need, so one region may need to focus on weight management and/or obesity and diabetes, whereas a other regions will have different health priorities (e.g., back pain, mental health, addiction).

    There are a number of charitable organisations that also run health services on behalf of NHS trusts and local authorities and these also commonly employ health and wellbeing practitioners. Many of these organisations also run exercise referral type programmes also where multi-disciplinary teams seek to tackle health priorities and inequalities through exercise and lifestyle interventions.

    As with most things in the modern world, a simple internet search for terms relating to  health, wellbeing, coaching, or practitioner jobs, is likely to be the best approach to take in the first instance.

  • How much can you earn as a health and wellbeing practitioner?

    Earning potential varies according to the employer and the services that the health and wellbeing practitioner is performing. Basic exercise referral-type instructors will typically start on a salary of £26,000-28,000 per annum, with increments according to additional qualifications being completed and skills being acquired.

    In the NHS, Health Coaches can earn up to £40,000 per annum, and sometimes more depending on location and the specific duties being performed. There are also opportunities for promotion and progression into managerial and executive roles for those who are ambitious.

    Those providing corporate wellbeing services to business perhaps earn the most in the health and wellbeing sector. To a certain extent, practitioners can charge what they want for their services if they can deliver. It’s worth underlining here though that most employers will want to measure the impact of any wellbeing services delivered. So, if the quality isn’t there, it’s unlikely these services will be renewed.

    Finally, not all health and wellbeing practitioners are motivated by salary and this is a role that tends to attract people keen to make a difference. Contribution and helping people to become a better version of themselves is often a reason why people are drawn to health coaching and wellbeing services. It’s a role that provides immense job satisfaction and there aren’t many jobs where people can say that they make a significant difference to the lives of others.

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