Accessibility Policy

We seek to make our website as accessible and user friendly as possible, and to the widest possible audience. The user’s experience is at the very epicentre of our website development strategy to ensure that we communicate our business objectives as transparently as possible.

In order to ensure that we are successful in our development strategy, we must also consider the specific needs of those with physical disabilities, visual impairments and/or learning difficulties. Furthermore, we also need to make sure that our website and learner management systems (LMS) render correctly, and in a variety of web browsers, including:

•    Internet Explorer
•    Safari
•    Mozilla Firefox
•    Google Chrome

In order to ensure that our accessibility objectives and obligations are met, we have committed to the World Wide Web Consortium Standards (WC3) in all of our web development activities. All webpages, sub-domains and social media websites have and will continue to be developed and tested in accordance with the WC3 standards.

The Publicly Available Standards (PAS 78), which were published by the British Standards Industry (BSI) on March 8th 2006, and in collaboration with the Disability Rights Commission (DRC), outline the steps website operators must take to ensure that their websites remain compliant with the DDA. We at Innervate Training Limited are implicitly committed to ensuring that our website remains compliant with the Act, and Standards respectively. Moreover, we are dedicated to ensuring that all of our users, irrespective of any disabilities or impairments, are able to operate our website effectively.

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