HFE Appeals Policy Statement

HFE recognises that some candidates may feel that they have been unnecessarily disadvantaged during the assessment and/or delivery of their training course or qualification, and as such may wish to challenge the outcome of their assessment.

HFE is committed to providing all learners with a fair and objective forum in which assessment decisions can be challenged.

Any learner has the right to appeal against their assessment outcome, irrespective of the type of assessment, and/or the course or qualification they are working towards.

HFE is dedicated to ensuring that all learners are given an equal and fair opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and competence at the level being assessed.

Learners can only launch an appeal once they have been issued with their assessment outcome and/or feedback.

The appeals procedure should not be considered as a fast track alternative to re-assessment. All candidates launching an appeal must be able to prove that they have been disadvantaged in the assessment process, and/or their evidence has not been judged accurately or fairly.

This policy is underpinned by the company’s equality and diversity policy.

Appeals Procedure

A learner can only launch an appeal once they have received their assessment outcome, including any relevant feedback.

All appeals appeal must be received by HFE within 20 working days (Mon-Fri) of the date in which the assessment decision was delivered.

All appeals must be received in writing and clearly marked ‘Student Appeal’. Appeals may be submitted electronically to admin@hfe.co.uk or by post to the address on the Contact Us page. Verbal appeals will not be accepted.

All learners are responsible for demonstrating that the assessment outcome awarded is contrary to the appropriate assessment outcome.

Appeals pertaining to practical assessments must be accompanied with the appropriate video evidence. Practical competence cannot be established retrospectively or via any other mode of assessment. As such all learners have the right to video their practical assessments. Prior warning will however need to be issued to enable the consent of the venue in which the assessment is taking place.

All appeals must be completed on the appropriate form (AP-01) – this can be downloaded by clicking here

Following the submission of an appeal application, learners will receive written confirmation of the internal verifier’s initial investigation findings within 20 working days.  Where this is not possible (sickness, holidays etc) learners will be notified accordingly and a new deadline issued. Wherever possible the company will seek to investigate all appeal applications as swiftly as possible.

Only once the above process has been exhausted and the company has upheld the original assessment outcome, can learners launch an appeal with the relevant awarding/governing body.

For further clarification on the above policy and procedures learners should consult with HFE’s Lead Internal Quality Assurer/Verifier.

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