Supporting Learners with Disabilities

We believe that everyone should have the chance to learn, irrespective of his or her physical or mental capacity. That’s why our people see beyond the limitations of a disability, and instead concentrate our focus and efforts on the possibilities. We see what can be done, rather than what cannot!

Central to everything we do at HFE is the conviction that qualifications are the outcome of what we do – not the goal!  We place far more value on what our learners can become in their programme of study and our people are committed to helping all of our learners to become more!

All of our teaching and learning services are delivered with a highly individual approach, with the learner’s needs at the centre of everything we do. We don’t just adapt our courses for disabled learners or those disabilities, we adapt them for everyone – this is why our courses are truly inclusive!

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple – we’re a business that values people, regardless of their physical, mental, social or economic status. At the heart of our service provision are the following core values:

Respect – everyone learner should have the right to be ‘viewed’ and ‘treated’ by others with equal regard, and importance. Nobody should be made to feel less important because their needs or abilities are different.

Inclusivity – no learner should be excluded or marginalised because they have different needs/abilities than others. Everyone should have equal access to the same opportunities as majority groups, and we understand that this does not mean that they should be treated the same – equal but not the same!

Diversity – encompassing respect, every learner should be treated as an individual, irrespective of their differences. We believe that every aspect of our service provision should be made as easily available and accessible to all learners, regardless of their needs and/or abilities.

Collaboration – we believe that people are more likely to succeed when they work together in a respectful and cooperative manner. We encourage all learners and staff to work together towards the same common goals, thereby maximising achievement rates.

Our Aims

In the delivery of our learning provision, we seek to:

  • Strengthen the voice, rights and status of learners with disabilities and/learning difficulties.
  • Strengthen the ability of parents, carers and families of people with a learning disability to make a positive contribution.
  • Promote a range of person centred services for learners with disabilities and/or learning difficulties.
  • Ensure that HFE sets a good example in the way that it delivers its service.

Available Support?

Whether you have a disability, medical condition or a learning difficulty, we’re committed to providing as much ‘additional support’ as is reasonably practicable to enable you to achieve your qualification.

All of our support services are provided with the individual learner’s needs in mind; we don’t deliver our support services with a one-size fits all approach. Some of the more common types of additional support we provide for disabled learners and those with learning difficulties include:

Further advice and consultation before attending your course

  • The provision of more frequent and bite-sized chunks of learning
  • More frequent contact with the Learning Support Team
  • Reasonable adjustment on assessments (e.g. extra time, a reader/writer, a body for demonstrating exercises/moves)
  • Support/guidance with travel and access to and from our training venues, including liaising with the venue to ensure easy access
  • Help with applying for disability allowances/grants that you may be eligible for*
  • Guidance on arranging note takers and readers – while this is not a service that we can offer (except in assessment), we can provide advice on this
  • Learning materials in a variety of formats, sizes and colours
  • Book fetching, extended loans and assistive software in our libraries

*Please note that we cannot accept responsibility for sourcing grants/allowances, or the outcome of any applications. We will however work with you to complete the required applications.

Financial Support for Learners with Disabilities/Learning Difficulties

For those disabled and disadvantaged learners undertaking qualifications supported directly by the Skills Funding Agency (apprenticeships, adult education, workplace learning etc), or indirectly by the Student Loans Company (via an Advanced Learning Loan), we may also be able to provide financial support and assistance to cover the costs of additional learning, needs.

For more information about this service, please contact one of our Careers Advisors who will be more than happy to provide further information, advice and guidance in this area.

Regrettably we are unable to offer financial support to disabled learners that are not funding their training through the Skills Funding Agency/Student Loans Company.

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