Learning Styles Questionnaire

If you understand your preferred learning style then you’ll make it easier to seek out materials and resources in a format that suits you best. Below is a free VAK (Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic) learning styles questionnaire for you to take. Across 30 questions you’ll discover how you, as an individual, learn and absorb new information most effectively.The three possible learning styles are:

  • Visual: If you have this learning style then you’ll prefer seeing observing things. You’ll typically work best from lists, written directions and instructions. Our bespoke course manuals and award-winning online learning materials are ideal for you.
  • Auditory: With this learning style, you’ll prefer the transfer of information to be via the spoken word or through sounds and noises. Did you know that we provide audiobooks for our students?
  • Kinaesthetic: This is a practical, hands on learning style. People who are kinaesthetic learners prefer the physical experience and often like to experiment first, rather than read the instructions.

After you’ve taken the test, get in touch via Facebook or Twitter and tell us your learning style.

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