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A HFE personal trainer guiding a client through an exercise using suspension bands.
A HFE personal trainer guiding a client through an exercise using suspension bands.

TRX Suspension Training for Personal Trainers

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TRX suspension training is a modern form of resistance training and an alternative to conventional resistance training. It’s becoming more and more popular with personal trainers throughout the health and fitness industry, and with good reason.

TRX suspension training can be done anywhere at any time as it uses your own bodyweight for resistance to build strength- it can also be used to develop flexibility in some circumstances. Any combination of the TRX suspension training exercises build muscle tone, increase balance, stability, coordination and strength, which all help to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries.

With the TRX suspension training workout series, you can perform hundreds of variations of exercises for your upper, core, and lower muscle groups.  All of the TRX suspension training exercises can be completed in the convenience of your own living room or a hotel room and be tailored to meet any fitness level for any age group.

TRX suspension training holds significant advantages over traditional resistance training for several reasons.  Firstly, you can cut training time down quite significantly, as you work your entire body by switching from exercise to exercise rapidly.

Secondly, every TRX suspension training exercise engages your core muscles from your pelvis, abdominals, back, and chest. As you build strength by engaging your core muscles, you also improve stability, balance, and flexibility.

Third, unlike traditional weight training equipment, which can cost thousands of pounds and take up a great deal of space, TRX suspension training equipment is inexpensive and does not take up any space.  In fact, the TRX suspension training equipment includes a lightweight suspension trainer that fits in a small bag and attaches to any secure anchor point.

Finally, since TRX suspension training involves your own body weight and gravity, you can tailor workouts that best meet your own personal fitness goals and abilities.  Weight settings can be changed with a simple hand or foot placement adjustment.

Recently, TRX suspension training has become a preferred method of training for many personal trainers and fitness instructors alike due to its functional versatility.

Because traditional resistance exercises are performed in a static and stable manner, and predominantly with pushing and pulling motions, they limit strength development to one plane of motion. However, the human body is designed to move in multiple planes of movement and as such will be required to move anteriorly, posteriorly or laterally.

Aside from the benefits associated with multiple planes of movement, TRX suspension training will also helps to develop a strong core which can improve overall athletic performance, the appearance of the mid-section and reduce the likelihood of back pain.

Some of the best and most effective exercises you can perform with the TRX suspension training series are chest presses, back rows, planks, crunches, reverse crunches, oblique twists, walking lunges, stationary lunges, side squats, regular squats, hip bridges, and extensions.  From beginner to advanced level workouts, TRX suspension training has an exercise routine that will fit into anyone’s fitness level, goals, schedule, and lifestyle.

If you want to take your Personal Training sessions to the next level and add a increase your client’s functional strength and stability, consider incorporating TRX suspension training into their workout.

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